• Tripping.com sees non-hotel lodgings draw “420-friendly” travelers

    A search engine that lets travelers find and book a stay in non-hotel lodgings, Tripping.com, has detected a burgeoning “budbnb” trend in Colorado. San Francisco-based Tripping.com aggregates vacation rental listings from the likes of HomeAway, Booking.com, VRBO and other sites, and shows travelers the best prices on available lodgings. It currently lists about 8 million… Read More

  • Snapchat’s new Bob Marley filter prompts ‘blackface’ backlash

    Snapchat’s new Bob Marley filter prompts ‘blackface’ backlash

    Happy 4/20 day everybody! To celebrate, Snapchat teamed up with the estate of Bob Marley, and the results were … unfortunate. Snapchat created a lens that makes your face look more like the legendary musician’s by adding Marley-like features — a cap, dreadlocks, a beard and darker skin. Amusing? Probably for some users, but it comes with some really awful historical… Read More

  • The 4:20 Watch From Cadence

    Candence is a well-known watch brand that makes a number of clever timepieces for decent upstanding folks but I’m afraid I’m not longer going to be able to support these jokers and their new gateway watch that is rending the fabric of American society as we speak. You see these hipsters and dipsters running around the city these days and making noise and drinking their Lokos and… Read More

  • "Go green" with the 7pipe Pro

    As time goes on, we’re seeing technology start to show up in all kinds of unexpected places. For example: the DVD kiosk, shoe insoles, and now the pipe. And when I say pipe, I mean a “420 friendly” pipe. Read More