Upgrade to Vista from XP for free

Chris Pirillo has found a method for upgrading to Vista from XP without activation. It’s a seamless upgrade in the System folder and has been confirmed by Microsoft. Hurry, before they close the

Breaking: Verizon buys AT&T for $25 billion

The boys are reporting from CTIA that Verizon just announced they’re purchasing AT&T for $25 billion. The news came during the joint Verizon/AT&T luncheon at Piero’s (great pesto)


I’m recharging right now!

CrunchArcade: Take-Two working on Sophie's Choice MMORPG

While rumors swirl about an EA/Take-Two takeover, the company’s programmers are quietly working on a new MMORPG based on William Stryon’s book Sophie’s Choice. Set in post-war Brookl

Exclusive: First 3G iPhone hands-on

I can’t say much about this right now but you will be amazed and trust me, it’s not what you think. Ben has one as well.