This fintech startup ideally wants to be ‘a lot more boring’ than Robinhood

Soon after launching Ocho, a startup offering personal finance support for business owners, Ankur Nagpal realized that the company’s debut product — a solo 401(k) retirement account &#8212

BlackRock acquires minority stake in SMB 401(k) provider Human Interest

Investment giant BlackRock announced Friday it is taking a minority stake in venture-backed fintech startup Human Interest. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Human Interest’s digital retirement

Ocho wants to rethink (and rebrand) personal finance for business owners

When Ankur Nagpal sold Teachable for a quarter of a billion dollars, he felt lucky. Then, he quickly felt lost when trying to navigate the financial systems of a country he wasn’t born in and le

Does it smell like teen spirit, or teen bankruptcy?

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. This was a live week! Which meant that Mary Ann Azevedo was on

Having some crypto in your 401(k) is neither irrational nor exuberant

Let's discuss why Fidelity offering crypto in retirement plans is a huge win for pretty much everyone who isn’t ultra-wealthy.

Fidelity says it will offer crypto in retirement accounts this year

Fidelity, the largest retirement plan provider in the United States, announced plans to offer bitcoin in 401(k) retirement accounts to its account holders later this year. The company is set to allow

Capitalize, a startup that wants to make it easy to roll over your 401(k), closes on $12.5M Series A

If you’ve ever left a job, chances are you left your 401(k) plan along with it. And, if you’re like many Americans and change jobs every few years or so, you could have multiple 401(k) plans sprea

Captain401, now Human Interest, raises $11M to build a 401(k) for small businesses

Pushing through a funding round is never an easy process — and for Captain401 co-founder Roger Lee, it was even more tricky this time around. That’s because Lee and his team raised $11 million

Vault is automating investment to offer affordable retirement plans beyond 401(k)

Former JP Morgan financial advisor Randy Fernando got the idea for his fintech startup Vault -- selected as audience choice for the startup battlefield here at Disrupt London -- after his mum asked hi

YC-Backed Captain401 Wants To Make Creating A 401k Easier For Businesses

Captain401, a service that helps small businesses set up a 401k, is launching out of Y Combinator today. The goal of Captain401 is to make managing 401ks as simple as other services are for other func