• Bullet hell shooter Espgaluda II to be released for iPhone

    Bullet hell shooting games (aka maniac shooters) are, according to Wikipedia, shoot ’em ups “in which the entire screen is often almost completely filled with enemy bullets”. And one of these games is Espgaluda II, developed by Japan-based Cave, released for arcade machines back in 2005 and now one day away of seeing a release in the App Store. Read More

  • AT&T may have fibbed regarding Sling player for iPhone

    Just the other day, AT&T announced that it was able to work with Sling Media in order to optimize Sling player for AT&T’s 3G network. That’s good news for consumers and all, but it appears as though AT&T might have been doing a little posturing to make itself look like the good guy. After all, Sling users were disappointed about the lack of a Sling player on the iPhone… Read More

  • Rogers confirms inexplicable 8GB iPhone 3GS – UPDATE

    Rogers Canada has let the proverbial ninja out of the dojo by posting a “comparison chat” of multiple iPhone models, including the elusive 8GB 3GS. Why are they selling the 8GB? Who knows. Maybe it’s a little bit cheaper and maybe Apple just had extra 8GB chips. Or maybe Canadians, being socialists, don’t like digital media. UPDATE – This was a website mistake. Read More