3G iPhone

  • The iPhone already gets a new pricing plan in Japan

    Just three and a half weeks passed since the iPhone 3G became available in Japan and Softbank, the phone’s carrier in this country, already made major changes to the domestic pricing plan. Although the Japanese data plans were quite reasonable in comparison with other smartphones, Softbank today issued a press release (in English) in which the company announced a quite significant… Read More

  • 3G iPhone to win tens of thousands of new customers in Germany

    German newspaper Die Welt is reporting in their online version [GER] today that Apple is about to win tens of thousands of new corporate customers for their iPhone. German mega bank Deutsche Bank and other corporations are apparently willing to add the 3G iPhone to their line-up of cell phones provided to employees. Until now, Blackberry models dominated this market segment in Germany. In… Read More

  • 10 reasons why Japan will hate the iPhone (or maybe not)

    Japan’s most renowned business newspaper Nikkei recently released the result of a survey among Japanese consumers according to which 91% don’t want to buy an iPhone. Tokyo-based web research company iShare [JP] conducted the survey on June 5th and 6th. The findings are not representative for a number of reasons. There were only 402 respondents, but Japan has a population of 128… Read More

  • Loopt and Ebay confirmed as 3G iPhone's first store apps

    And SixApart waiting in the wings? Ebay and Loopt have been confirmed at WWDC as being the first apps available in the store. The social mapping application and what I can only assume is an iPhone eBay front end will be available the moment the store opens its little doors. They say that SixApart is in the lineup as well, so perhaps some interesting blogging tools are in the offing as well? Read More

  • Mysterious boatload of something declared by Apple

    We received a mysterious tip in our e-mail inbox from Ryan Peterson at ImportGenius.com that stated the following; Hi, I conducted a comprehensive analysis of Apple’s U.S. customs declarations over the past few months, and detected a massive surge–188 containers–of a new product never before imported by the company.  Given the dwindling stocks of the current generation, and… Read More

  • T-Mobile Austria confirms 3G iPhone, 3 models in the works

    T-Mobile Austria made an announcement earlier today that they would soon be getting a UMTS version of the iPhone, putting them on a short list of countries to get the 3G version. The previous rumors of multiple iPhone models is being backed up by another article posted by derStandard. The translation is obviously lax, but what I’ve been able to glean is that an announcement will be made… Read More

  • Is this the 3G iPhone?

    How is it that the Frenchies get their mitts on a 3G iPhone before anyone else? Does this even look real? Read More

  • 3G iPhone hits the streets (kinda)

    Many of you have switched from your old smartphone to the iPhone. While I can’t agree it was as good idea (yet), I can see why you’d want to: the iPhone is far more enjoyable to use than any Windows Mobile device to date. But if you still have the WinMo phone, and it’s of the Wi-Fi-having sort, and it’s 3G, then you can use it as a replacement for your iPhone’s… Read More