• Buy A Samsung 3DTV, Get 2 Additional Pairs Of 3D Glasses

    It’s now a little less expensive to play Crysis 2 in 3D. (Haven’t seen the game in 3D yet? You’re missing out…) Samsung will now include two pairs of 3D glasses with the purchase of one of its 3D plasma or LED TVs. Very handy. Does this have anything to do with Ron Bennington saving the day earlier today? I don’t know this for a fact, but I’m just going to say… Read More

  • Samsung Launches 3D VOD In Korea, US And Europe Next

    Today in Korea, Samsung’s 3D streaming service we heard about last month got the go ahead for primetime. The 3D on-demand service will stream 3D music videos, TV shows and movie trailers to Samsung 3DTVs through Samsung’s Smart TV app platform. Unfortunately for you 3D lovers in the US, it’s only supported in Korea at the moment, but the service will come to the US and… Read More

  • Despite Health Concerns, Companies Still Backing 3D In A Big, Big Way

    The gist of this story is that there’s a number of people out there who don’t like 3D because it makes them feel funny: their eyes hurt, it causes headaches, and so on. Despite this, companies are still throwing their weight behind the medium. Why? Why would companies keep throwing money at something that doesn’t seem to have “clicked” with the public yet, and… Read More

  • NPD: 3DTV Sales So Far A Bust (But That May Change As Decent 3D Content Is Produced)

    Well, well, well. For months now TV manufacturers have been trying so, so hard to convince us—and by “us” I mean Real America—that 3DTV is all kinds of great. Not so! Every 3DTV I’ve seen ranges from “meh” to merely “OK.” It’s a technology that’s still finding its legs. Maybe in the future 3DTV won’t be so, well, trash… Read More

  • Will HBO Launch A 3D Network With The World Premiere Of Inception 3D?

    Would you ever sit down an voluntarily watch any of the following movies: Clash of the Titans, The Polar Express, and Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore? If you answered “yes,” or even, “yeah, maybe” please answer the following question: wow, why? In any event, just know this: HBO plans to launch a 3D on-demand channel “early next year,” and these… Read More

  • Sony warning: 3D may cause discomfort in some people so tread lightly

    Samsung was the first big company to warn us about some of the dangers associated with 3D technology, and now Sony has added its two cents. That said, the new guidelines, issued in an updated Terms of Service, aren’t as alarmist as you may think. The gist is that some people may experience discomfort when viewing simulated 3D images, so if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable… Read More

  • Low price Sony 3D TV bundle includes movies, PS3 games & home theater-in-a-box

    Sony‘s still trying to make 3DTV“stick,” so it’s devised a clever little money-saving promotion to get you behind the wheel of this car today. It comes down to: you buy a Bravia HX8000 and Sony throws in a bunch of free stuff. Read More

  • South Korea first to terrestrially broadcast HD 3DTV

    Conclusive evidence that South Korea is the greatest country on Earth: it will begin terrestrial (that’s over-the-air) 3D TV broadcasts in a few weeks. Better still, it’ll be in full high-definition. How long do you think it’s going to be before “Dancing With The Stars” is shown in 3D here? Probably like 200 years, yes. Read More

  • Gimped "Avatar" Blu-ray coming soon

    Everyone’s favorite Dances With Wolves remake, Avatar, is coming soon to Blu-ray and DVD. Just don’t expect many extras. Or 3-D. As reported by the great TheDigitalBits.com, 20th Century Fox will shortly announce a 4/22 release date for Avatar on Blu-ray and DVD. But be aware that if you want some bonus features, or 3D, you might have to double or even triple dip. According to… Read More

  • 3D Porn? The studios are way ahead of you.

    For years the central question when any new television technology comes out is whether explicit entertainment providers will adopt it. In the case of 3D TV, friends, there’s no question: 3D TV is here and its here to stay… but will it be popular? We talked to someone close to the industry, Kathee Brewer, who offered some insight on the future of 3D pr0n. Kathee is a former… Read More