• Nintendo 3DS graphics chipset revealed

    While Nintendo is normally very closed-mouthed about the actual hardware used in their systems, there has been some news recently about the graphics chipset used in the 3DS. You might be surprised to find out that it’s not your typical NVIDIA Tegra, but instead some new PICA200 chip (yes, PICA, hold your giggles to the end please). Read More

  • Nintendo offers (standard) warning regarding children playing games in 3D

    Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime mentioned during a recent interview that people should be wary of their children playing 3D games for too long (or for any time at all). I suppose it’s a good idea to be on the record with this since the DS audience skews pretty low, but really, there’s no difference between Nintendo’s warning and Samsung’s. Read More

  • The top five unanswered questions about the Nintendo 3DS

    The Nintendo 3DS is real — we know that. The 3D works well — we know that, too. But that’s where our 3DS knowledge stops. Nintendo isn’t talking-up 3DS details right now and we have so many questions about the handheld 3D gaming. Read More

  • Hands-on: 3DS hardware and gaming impressions

    We got our hands on the 3DS this morning at Nintendo’s press conference, but it wasn’t exactly a proper hands-on. It was just a simple demo to basically show that it works. Well, I just waited in a huge line that snaked around Nintendo’s E3 booth for over an hour to spend some quality time with the 3D gaming platform. Simply said, it works as advertised. Read More

  • First impressions and hands-on: Nintendo 3DS

    There’s not a lot to say about Nintendo’s new handheld, unfortunately: our demos are limited to one minute, the lighting is bad, and of course the 3D effect doesn’t translate to pictures or video. But here’s how it felt to me… Read More

  • Nintendo trademarks "3DS" among others

    Backstory: A Nintendo suit said a while back that the company hasn’t announced the official name yet for its upcoming handheld 3D gaming device. This of course suggests that 3DS isn’t the official name. Well, that might not be true if Nintendo’s recent trademark filings have anything to say about it. Read More

  • New Nintendo motherboard hits FCC with a wide top screen

    We all wanted to believe that cool swivel-screen render was Nintendo’s new 3D-capable handheld (not in fact called the 3DS), but of course that was kind of ridiculous. Chances are Nintendo is going to stick with what they know, and a recent FCC filing seems to show just that. The picture shows two screen, the top one in wide format — approximately 16:10 by my measurements. Read More

  • The Nintendo 3DS won't be called the 3DS

    This is strange. Apparently Nintendo has yet to announce the formal name of its upcoming portable 3D gaming device. That means the clever 3DS name we’ve come to know isn’t the real thing. But seriously, is there a name better than 3DS seeing as it’s a 3D version of the DS? Unless it’s nothing like the DS…maybe this wasn’t a fan-made mock-up after all. Read More

  • Iwata: Nintendo 3DS's 3D functionality can be turned off

    Another hint! There was some question when the 3D nature of Nintendo’s next handheld was revealed, but this clears things right up. I think. Wait… if you can just turn off the 3-D capability, what does that say about the display itself? And the games — you can just switch between 3-D and not 3-D, does that mean every game has to be playable in 2-D? This doesn’t answer… Read More

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