• Nintendo UK: "Heyday Of Piracy" May Be Over

    Although the headline oversimplifies Nintendo UK’s James Honeywell’s comments on piracy (what are headlines for?), it’s more or less what he said, and Nintendo seems to actually think that its steps to curb piracy are going to be effective. To be fair, Honeywell also described crowing about piracy countermeasures as being “like a red rag to a bull,” which mirrors… Read More

  • Nintendo Clarifies Some 3DS Questions, Stonewalls Others In Interview

    I’ve gotten used to the fact that Nintendo and a few other companies will pretty much never tell you what you want to know, just what they want you to know. Makes me feel a bit like I’m parroting PR, but for something like the 3DS, we’ll take what information we can get. In this case, Nintendo is on form and deftly maneuvering around specifics, while still managing getting a… Read More

  • 3DS Debuts With Considerable International Price Disparity

    Nintendo has finally launched its new handheld, the 3DS, after nearly 10 months of anticipation, and as usual, has been coy about some key details. The complete launch lineup is still a mystery, and while they announced a $250 price for the US, the rest of the world has been left out of the loop. However, retailers and rumors are putting international pricing details on the map, and… Read More

  • Nintendo 3DS Spy Report, Part 2: Hands-On With Zelda, Super Street Fighter IV & More

    The one disappointing thing about the Nintendo event from this morning: we still don’t have the exact list of launch titles, with Nintendo instead opting to draw attention to the system’s “launch window,” the several week period between its March 27 launch and E3. What are you gonna do? Me, I played a couple of these “launch window” games right after the… Read More

  • The Nintendo 3DS: Finally Priced, Dated, And Delivered

    First the good news: Nintendo’s 3DS will hit the US on March 27, 2011 for $249. That’s less than the speculated $299 price and a good deal considering the international 3DS price but still $70 more than the current most expensive Game Boy.  The 3DS comes packaged with a charging dock and a 2GB SD card. Cosmos Black and Aqua Blue are going to be available in North America and Japan… Read More

  • Spy Report: Live From Nintendo's 3DS Press Conference In New York: It's March 27, $249

    Nicholas here, live from Nintendo’s big press conference in New York. The star of the show will be the 3DS, and Nintendo is expected to announce launch details: exact release date, price, games, etc. The stuff you’ve been waiting for. Like with the IBM Jeopardy challenge last week, feel free to refresh this post every minute or so; I still don’t know how to use fancy… Read More

  • Nintendo: It's ‘Possible’ That Foreign Region Software Won't Work On Your 3DS

    Maybe we’ll know more about this tomorrow, but Nintendo has shed some light on why the 3DS will be region locked when it comes out in the next few weeks. Nintendo says that it developed three distinct versions of the system, for Japan, for the Americas, and for Europe-Australia. Different regions, different ideas about parental responsibility and what’s appropriate for children… Read More

  • The Nintendo 3DS May Give Gamers A 3D Video Camera

    When the Nintendo 3DS comes out in March, gamers may find something unexpected. Sure, it’s going to have a glasses-free top screen and a lower touch panel budled in with Wifi. But, wouldn’t it be really neat if there were a 3D camera that allowed video recording. Think of the augmented reality options! Mario could actually run around your living room table and eaten by your cat! Read More

  • Nintendo 3DS Countdown: One More Hands-On Before The Storm

    You forget about some of the fun stuff you’ve seen after having spent an entire week fighting crowds in Las Vegas while sick and tired. And I do mean sick and tired: I was sick flying into Las Vegas (you know the sharp, stabbing pain you get in your ears when your airplane descends from the heavens while sick? Yeah, I had that, and it wasn’t fun), and all that running around… Read More

  • Nintendo 3DS Disassembled Before Your Very Eyes

    If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Golly gee, I sure would like to know what the insides of the 3DS look like,” then today is your lucky day. The CirclePad, like you’ve never seen it before~! Read More

  • Nintendo 3DS To Be Region-Locked?

    It would appear that Nintendo has region-locked the 3DS. That’s lame, yes, but outside of importing the rare game here or there—perhaps you want the latest Pokemon without having to wait several months for the localized version—it’s probably not a huge deal for the majority of Nintendo fans. An email sent from Nintendo of Japan to a perspective 3DS buyer says that both… Read More

  • Nintendo 3DS May Be Crippled By 3 Hour Battery Life

    The Nintendo Japan site disclosed the official specs on the 3DS, and while overall it looks good, there is one thing that might be a deal breaker for some. Apparently, it takes a whole lot of battery life to power a 3D screen, even one the size of the 3DS. Read More

  • Nintendo 3DS Japan Launch Titles Revealed: Super Street Fighter IV & Ridge Racer Among The Biggies (But No Zelda)

    Nintendo has released the full list of 3DS launch titles—for Japan, that is. (Nintendo hosts a press conference next week in New York that, one would guess, will cover the North American 3DS launch details. We’ll be there, knock on wood.) Ten games will be available at launch on February 26: Konami’s Winning Eleven Soccer (known as Pro Evolution Soccer outside Japan)… Read More

  • Nintendo Wants To Sell 4 Million 3DS In First Month

    As you probably are aware, the Nintendo 3DS is just around the corner: it will hit Japanese stores on February 26, followed by the US and European markets in March. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata gave an interview in The Nikkei (Japan’s biggest business daily) yesterday, in which he stated some ambitious goals for his company’s new product. Read More

  • Is This The Nintendo 3DS's UK (And US's) Release Date?

    Japan is getting the 3DS on February 26. That’s a fact per Nintendo themselves. But so far the rest of the world is left wondering when they’ll be able to buy it although most are speculating that early March is likely. That thought seems to be confirmed with a Gamestation shop window display that clearly indicates that the 3D gaming system will be released on March 1st. Of course… Read More

  • Production 3DS Makes An Early Debut On Camera?

    This video purports to show the final 3DS hardware, though the criminal behind the camera seems to spend more time spinning it around than actually using it. It’s not groundbreaking or anything; I mean, I got to play with one back at E3, but this would be an actual production unit and its dimensions, finish, etc are all established. Read More

  • With Nintendo 3DS Release Looming, Speculation Turns To Its Price Outside Japan

    We’re rapidly approaching the release of the Nintendo 3DS, and all sorts of things are being speculated right now. The latest concerns the price: what will it be? Nintendo has already said that it’ll launch on February 26, and that it will retail for JP¥25,000. That converts, at time of writing, to around $306. But will it actually be that expensive? Read More

  • Nintendo Warns Parents Not To Let Children Under 6 Play 3DS

    A note on Nintendo’s Web site says that children under the age of 6 should not play its upcoming 3DS console, at least not in 3D mode. The warning says children’s eyes at such a young are still developing, and that it wouldn’t be safe to subject them to the 3D effect generated by the 3DS. Of course, youngsters are still welcome to play the 3DS in 2D mode. But where’s… Read More

  • Nintendo World: 31 3DS Titles To Be Shown Off, 14 To Be Playable

    The 3DS launches in Japan on February 26th, which will no doubt shut-down the country in a state of mass histaria. But early next month Nintendo will make the 3DS available to the general public for the very first time at the self-named Nintendo World. Unlike at the press- and industry-only E3 show where the 3DS was announced, every Joe and Jane from the street’s of Tokyo will be able… Read More

  • 2011's Top 10 Most Anticipated Gear

    Who’s ready for 2010 to expire? Man, we are. It’s not that 2010 was a bad year or anything, but it was all iPad-this, iPhone-that with a bit of Android news bits scattered here and there. With the products in the following list lined up for release, 2011 is set to be a much more balanced year. Of course Apple will still be a major part of the news cycle, but everyone from Nintendo… Read More

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