• The Nintendo 3DS Hits 1 Million Sold Units In Japan 13 Weeks After Launch

    The original Nintendo DS hit 1 million units in just 4 weeks. It took the new 3DS 13 weeks to hit that milestone. Of course this portable seemingly had more going against it: the $249 price tag, the lackluster launch titles, and many gamers in Japan already had the similar, and still satisfying, DS or DS Lite. Nintendo previously stated that the 3DS wasn’t meeting its expectations… Read More

  • The Nintendo DS Lite Is Now Just $99

    The aging Nintendo DS Lite just got a breath of sweet life. If you don’t already own the fantastic handheld, perhaps its new, lower $99 price will bring you aboard the party bus. Nintendo just announced the price drop from $129, which in my mind, does nothing but create a bit more competition for the $249 3DS. Maybe this move is a precursor to Nintendo dropping the 3DS’ price… Read More

  • Best Buy And Nintendo Teaming Up To Serve 3DS Games Via Wi-Fi

    Best Buy will open up their in-store wireless networks to allow kids (and kids at heart) to download games in their stores. They will also, obviously, sell the 3DS and will provide a “firsthand look at the platform with experts” in store. While it’s certainly magnanimous of Best Buy to open their Wi-Fi to the masses, I wonder how much of this will end up being an upsell? Read More

  • Nintendo Launching Wireless eShop For 3DS At E3

    Not only can we potentially maybe expect a Wii 2 at E3 this year but Nintendo 3DS owners might just have access to the wireless eShop, a system for downloading and buying games right from your console. June 7 will bring us an update that enables the eShop in the US. A Japanese update should be adding a 3D Movie player and Virtual Console updates to those devices. via Eng via andriasang Read More

  • Nintendo 3DS Takes Over The Jet Blue Terminal

    Now this is a great idea: Nintendo has rented a few spots in the Jet Blue Terminal at JFK (I can’t confirm they’ve done this elsewhere but I’ll ask). They have folks on hand to show off the device and there are plenty of chairs and 3DS devices for kids and, presumably, the adults in charge of their care, to use. Read More

  • Nintendo Can't Sell The 3DS And It's Your Fault

    The 3DS isn’t selling well and it’s your fault – at least that’s what Nintendo is suggesting. According to Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, most people don’t know what the heck to do with the thing. Jeez! CVG points to this quote: The value of 3D images without the need for special glasses is hard to be understood through the existing media. However, we have found… Read More

  • Here's The 3DS' The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Opening Movie

    Nothing like a calm opening title sequence to settle the soul and quiet the mind. Sure, it’s just remake of Ocarina of Time for the 3DS, but this movie brought back such good memories that I’m ready to replay the game. [via Joystiq] Read More

  • Nintendo Sees Profit Falling 66%, Announces Wii Successor For 2012

    Nintendo posted a new financial report today, and in a nutshell, things aren’t looking too good. The company’s net profit dropped a whopping 66% to $944 million in the fiscal year that ended March 31, compared with $2.78 billion in the same period a year earlier. Revenue in the same time frame fell 29.3% to $12.2 billion. Read More

  • Miyamoto: New Console Definitely In The Works, Tanooki Suit As Well

    Nintendo’s Miyamoto let the cat out of the bag today at a London event, confirming both Café, the new console rumored to be announced at E3, and a Tanooki suit in Super Mario 3DS. I don’t know which is the bigger news. Read More

  • Potential 3DS Design Flaw Causing Screen Scratches, Cracked D-Pads

    You would think that Nintendo would have foreseen all the design issues of the 3DS, well, years ago. The company has been working with clamshell handhelds for over 30 years. However some 3DS owners are reporting that their top screens are getting scratched and some d-pads are cracking. Read More

  • Gigantic AR Card Creates Life-Sized Miis (Kind Of)

    Here’s something to save up your coins for, at least if you’re in Japan. Nintendo’s “Club Nintendo” rewards program lets you trade product registration and stuff for little rewards, like a Game & Watch replica or a case for your DS. And one new item in the Japanese Club Nintendo is this giant AR card, that creates virtual Miis as big as you — if you… Read More

  • Nintendo: We Sold Just Under 400k 3DS Units First Week On Market

    The 3DS hit the ground running last month after nearly a year of hype and media coverage. Early estimates pegged the first week sales numbers around 500k-750k. Yeah, those were a bit high. Nintendo itself just revealed through an interview with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime that the numbers were more like 400k. March as a whole was good for the DS family with the entire… Read More

  • Estimates Put Nintendo 3DS At 500,000-750,000 Units Sold In North America

    Early sales estimates of the Nintendo 3DS continue to trickle in. Depending on which analyst you want to believe, Nintendo sold anywhere from 500,000 to 750,000 units during the five days in March it was available here in North America. The only problem with these numbers is that Nintendo can now expect consumers to confused as to what system they should get, the 3DS or plain ol’ DS. Read More

  • Report: Only Half Of Nintendo 3DS Units Shipped To Japan Have Been Sold

    The Nintendo 3DS isn’t selling quite as quickly as Nintendo may have wanted. Media Create, which is sorta like a Japanese NPD, says that Nintendo has sold 836,000 units since its release in late February. The New Normal would have liked to see at least 1 million units sold, particularly since Nintendo shipped 1.5 million units out of worldwide total of 4 million to Japan. What gives? Read More

  • Despite Medical Concerns, Customers Having Hard Time Returning 3DS For Full Refund

    Oh boy. The Sun has the story of a man who bought the Nintendo 3DS for his young son, but had to return the device because it made him ill. Nintendo has already recommended that the console not be played by children under the age of seven, and that everyone else should limit 3D-playing time to 30 minutes per session. Not good enough, claim some folks. What’s the point of getting a 3DS… Read More

  • Apple Patents 3D Camera System, Vows To Be Better Than The 3DS

    Even though we thought the 3D display for iPhone 5 rumor was preposterous, it doesn’t mean Apple isn’t considering 3D in the future. According to a new patent, the company is working on a 3D camera for a device similar to the iPhone. Could Apple do 3D better than everyone else? Read More

  • 5 Reasons To Buy A Nintendo 3DS… And 5 Reasons Not To

    With the hoopla over the Nintendo 3DS dying down and the hard reality of the thing clear, it’s time to take stock and assess if the 3DS is right for you and/or your family. First off, I’ll say I’m a fan. It’s a wildly fascinating device and the 3D effects are amazing – when done correctly. I believe the 3DS has legs and will maintain sales at a steady clip over… Read More

  • European GAME Retailer Buys 3DS Console From Down The Road, Sells At Markup

    European video game retailer, GAME, has been handing out memos asking their employees to engage in some questionable business practices. The instructions told employees to take money out of the register and buy Nintendo 3DS consoles from the nearest Tesco supermarket — which happens to sell the 3DS at a loss for $55 less. Read More

  • Lose Your 3DS AR Cards? Just Make Your Own With A Marker

    Nice. It looks like the 3DS’s ability to recognize real-life objects doesn’t end at precision-printed stuff like the cards that come with. I get the feeling there will be shenanigans when these cards start being used in-game. Card gives you an item? Where my crayons at! Read More

  • iSuppli Reveals Real Price Of Nintendo 3DS

    Whenever some corporate entity releases their new piece of hardware into the wild, iSuppli outs their obligatory cost analysis. As novel as iSuppli’s research may seem, knowing the real costs of the gadgets we’re addicted to is more frustrating than newsworthy. And, thanks to iSuppli, we learn that the Nintendo 3DS enjoys almost 60% margins, similar to the DSi. Read More

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