Mobile Devices Will Either Have 3D Sensors Or Suffer Flat Sales

When Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 6” ad campaign covered billboards and posters in 24 cities around the world, it proved two things: The quality of mobile camera technology is astronomical, and mobil

Real Estate Is Accessible And Easy To Navigate Thanks To These Startups

Real estate isn’t just for brokers anymore. Technology is creating an industry that’s consumer-facing, accessible and easy to navigate. From buying a space, to moving in, to even maintaining that

New System Lets Designers And Researchers “Draw” In 3D Space

A new 3D interactive system created by researchers at the University of Montreal allows designers and builders to “draw” in scenes in real time. By projecting images on a thin material, th

Bevel Turns Your Phone Into A 3D Scanner For $49

Here at TechCrunch we're eagerly awaiting the day when 3D photographs are just as mainstream as traditional ones. We even have an ongoing collection of some TC writers modeled in 3D. However, like man

Apple Researching Combined 2D/3D Glassesless Displays

Apple is looking into a way to provide both 3D and 2D images from the same display, without requiring any special ocular equipment like 3D glasses, according to a new patent application (via AppleInsi

Box Gains 3D Viewing With Verold Purchase

[protected-iframe id=”ef49eabcf779de9c969620907f57ed41-24588526-521068″ info=”https://studio.verold .com/projects/547c8a9673df25ff0600abff/embed?hidecontrolpanel=true” width=&#

Inspace Aims To Rocket Us Into Virtual Reality

In the yeaaaaarrrr 2000! As I recall, we were all supposed to be flying around with jetpacks and using Minority Report-esque hardware by now, but that still hasn’t come to pass. Thankfully the f

Paracosm Raises $3.3M From Atlas, iRobot To Turn Our World Into A 3D Holodeck

The rise of immersive headsets like the Oculus VR, innovations in gaming and mapping, and advances in robotics have put a spotlight on three-dimensional technology, whose algorithms and visualizati

First Look At 3D Camera App 3DAround

What if you could shoot those cool 360-degree, swivel-around photos you see on ecommerce sites or in The Matrix with just your smartphone? Then you’d be using the 3DAround camera app that launc

Matter Lets You Add And Edit 3D Objects In Your Photographs

Pixite, a company that creates high-quality photo editing apps on iOS, is increasing its creative suite today with the launch of Matter, an app that allows users to add 3D effects with shadows and ref

3Dioo Hardware Hack Is A DIY Oculus Rift

It's always great to see hardware hacks. This one, called 3Dioo, just demoed on stage here at the TechCrunch Disrupt New York 2014 hackathon turns a standard Samsung smartphone into a 3D capture devic

Amazon’s 3D Smartphone Said To Feature Gesture-Based Menus And Navigation

Amazon’s upcoming smartphone will have a unique, gesture-based interaction method that involves tilting the phone to access new information and control on-screen elements, including flipping bet

Mixed Dimensions Raises ~$1M To Make 3D-Design Tools For The Masses

Mixed Dimensions (MXD), a Jordanian startup now relocated to Silicon Valley, is aiming to simplify the 3D design process by building browser-based 3D design tools designed for the mainstream and for t

Sketchfab’s Photoshop Integration Allows You To Share Your 3D Models On The Web

Adobe recently updated Photoshop with a few 3D capabilities. A hidden gem that wasn’t much discussed is the ability to export and share 3D models directly from Photoshop thanks to Sketchfab. The

Augmented Reality Is Almost Everywhere

There is less difference between our work and home devices, our tablets and our mobile phones. They are not meant for "work" or for the "home." We just use them wherever we are. The idea of a balance

3D Model Sharing Service Sketchfab Raises $2 Million

As 3D modeling enters the mainstream, it helps to have a place to put them. That's where <a target="_blank" href="http://blog.sketchfab.com/post/69074969044/taking-sketchfab-to-the-next-level">Sketchf

Google Earth Meets The Body: BioDigital Gets $4M To Bring Its 3-D, Virtual Anatomy & Health Platform To Every Browser

While the film is extremely compelling, it turns out that there's actually a better way to learn about and visualize the human body than by watching <a target="_blank" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wi

Skype Building 3D Video Calls That None Of Us Will Likely Use

Skype is working on a technology that will no doubt be impressive when used once and then promptly ignored for the rest of time – 3D video calls. The project was revealed in an interview with the BB

Kúla Deeper Is A Hardware Add-On For Your SLR That Lets You Create 3D Photos & Video

Iceland-based startup Kúla has devised a hardware extension for digital SLR cameras that lets you create 3D photos and videos. The 3D images are viewable (after converting them with its dedicated sof

Mobile Weather App Minutely Lets You “Correct” The Weather, Visualize Storms In 3D

Mobile weather applications may be becoming <a target="_blank" href="http://blog.artlogic.com/2013/07/02/the-new-ui-design-playground/">the new playground for user interface designers</a>, but few can
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