3d tvs

  • Get Used To "3D" TVs – They're Here To Stay

    We’ve seen a lot of TVs announced before and during IFA this year. That makes sense — it’s a consumer electronics show, after all. And I guarantee that most if not all of those sets will have their 3D capability touted. It’s a dangerous move, since so many consumers are wary of 3D — not enough content, bulky glasses, headaches, and so on. So there’s been… Read More

  • Eyes-on with Sony's new 3D TVs reveals image issues

    You may remember that Sony recently unveiled its new line of 3D LCD TVs. All well and good, I thought. I think active shutter glasses are a transient technology, but hey, if they work, they work. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to work in this case — or so thought HD Guru at a recent demo. Read More

  • 3D TVs are coming to Walmart this year

    You know 3D TV is going to be big if Walmart is jumping on the party bus this early. Apparently select stores will start selling the sets before the 2010 holiday shopping madness starts and the company even sees itself as the savior of the format by driving down the premium cost and preception. This actually could be huge for 3D TV. Read More

  • Consumer Reports plays with the latest 3D TVs

    If there’s new TVs or coffee makers, Consumer Reports will test them out. That’s the case with the new Samsung and Panasonic 3D TVs and the company just posted a early hands-on look that actually reveals some differences. It’s totally worth your time even if you don’t plan on jumping on the 3D bandwagon this early on. Read More