3d scanning

Engineers can now reverse-engineer 3D models

A system that uses a technique called constructive solid geometry (CSG) is allowing MIT researchers to deconstruct objects and turn them into 3D models, thereby allowing them to reverse-engineer compl

One billion 3D views and counting

Last week Sketchfab, the 3D content hub, shared an exciting milestone -- the company has just crossed 1 billion cumulative page views. Taken with the community's growth -- they just surpassed 2 millio

This autonomous 3D scanner figures out where it needs to look

If you need to make a 3D model of an object, there are plenty of ways to do so, but most are only automated to the extent that they know how to spin in circles around that object and put together a me

The dream of customizable virtual 3D foliage is alive at Disney

Oh, to work at Disney, to have a hand in creating those lusciously detailed 3D worlds, every character lovingly rendered, every animal sidekick unique and hilarious, every tree... filled with leaves.

Universities and museums join in effort to ‘scan all vertebrates’

It seems that even scientific endeavors fall victim to feature creep — or in the case of an effort to scan all fishes that has expanded to include all vertebrates, creature creep. More than a dozen

CALA’s app fits designer clothing to your body using iPhone photos

A new startup called CALA aims to make it easier for new designers to break into the fashion business by offering everything needed to run their e-commerce operations – from production to deliv

Scandy is bringing 3D scanning to Android phones near you

Not content with letting you 3D print your images on demand, Scandy is today launching a beta program for its $500 device to make it easy to scan objects in 3D, all from your Android device. The compa

Lockheed Martin’s Hydra Fusion builds 3D maps in real time from drone footage

A drone is a great eye in the sky, but if you want richer data than what its cameras show — for example, detailed 3D maps — you might be looking at a few hours of processing time. That is, unless

One professor’s quest to 3D scan every fish in the sea

If you were wondering what a mottled sculpin looks like, there are plenty of pictures available online. But while they may satisfy a curious tidepooler, the discerning ichthyologist demands more. That

How 3D Tech Is Saving The Animal Kingdom

Not since the extinction of the dinosaurs has Earth lost so much life. This time, however, it can’t be attributed to asteroids, volcanic eruptions or an ice age. Humans are the perpetrators. Accordi

A Chat With Project Mosul About Rebuilding A Ruined History

Matthew Vincent is one of the members of Project Mosul, an effort to recreate the lost artifacts at the Mosul Museum that were recently destroyed by ISIS fighters. By taking pictures and images of the

Project Mosul Aims To Resurrect The Artifacts Destroyed By ISIS

In what could be one of the most interesting and important uses of 3D scanning to come along in a long while, the Initial Training Network for Digital Cultural Heritage is working to collect photograp

New Wizardry Allows Researchers To Turn Photos Into Three-Dimensional Objects

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have created a way to manipulate objects in photos in three dimensions, allowing you to see all sides of formerly 2D objects. How is it done? Some might say t

3D Sensing Tablet, EyesMap, Aims To Replace Multiple Surveyor Tools

Spanish startup E-Capture R&D is building a tablet with 3D sensing capabilities that's aiming to target the enterprise space as a portable tool for surveyors, civil engineers, architects and the l

Rendor Turns Your Single-Camera Smartphone Into A Real 3D Scanner

Using a piece of paper with a specially printed grid and a regular smartphone, Rendor may have just cracked the 3D scanning code. The system allows you to create a 3D scan of almost any object simply

Fuel3D Gets $1.1M To Refocus Its 3D Scanning Tech On Medical Imaging

Fuel3D, a U.K. startup spun out of Oxford University that’s commercializing 3D scanning technology, has secured a $1.1 million development contract to create a 3D medical imaging system. The m

Make A Little You With Shapify.me

<a target="_blank" href="http://artec-group.com">Artec</a>, makers of high-end 3D scanners for industrial clients, have added a little whimsy to your day with <a target="_blank" href="https://www.shap

MakerBot’s $1,400 Digitizer Now Available To Pre-Order, Will Ship By Mid-October

The folks at <a target="_blank" href="http://www.makerbot.com">MakerBot</a> have been teasing their Digitizer desktop 3D scanner since this past March, but now they're finally ready to <a target="_bla

New Project Will Let You Scan 3D Objects Using Your Browser

As services go, 3D scanning is pretty hard. To get good models you need expensive lasers and data acquisition systems and even the Kinect-based scanners require expensive hardware... or do they?

Occipital Releases One Of The First High Quality 3D Scanners For OS X

While Windows 3D scanning software has until now outperformed any Apple counterpart, Occipital Inc. plans to remedy that today with the launch of Skanect for OS X. Originally developed by France-based