3D models

a16z-backed Rooms.xyz lets you build interactive, 3D rooms and simple games in your browser

A team of ex-Googlers is today launching a new digital creativity platform, Rooms.xyz, into beta testing. The startup, backed by $10 million in seed funding led by a16z, offers a browser-based tool fo

Enter the Objaverse: 800,000 virtual props for AIs to play with

If AI is going to work its way out of the chat box and into our living rooms, it will need to understand spaces and objects better. To further that work, the Allen Institute for AI has created a gigan

Procore brings 3D construction models to iOS

Today, Procore, a construction software company, announced Procore BIM (Building Information Modeling), a new tool that takes advantage of Apple hardware advances to bring the 3D construction model to

GV leads $25M investment in Hover, a computer vision startup that digitizes your home

As more and more startups aim to 3D-scan the world, the question of what consumers will actually care about enough to bring into the digital world is a tough one to answer. For most people, a home wil

Sketchfab Adds ‘View In VR’ Button To Its 3D Model Sharing Platform

In its latest feature expansion, 3D model repository Sketchfab has just added a VR button, allowing owners of Google Cardboard to don their VR goggles to get a more immersive view of the content on it