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The iPhone 6 Plus Is Great For Gamers

With the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has stepped into the "phablet" category by scaling the hardware of the 6 up while (in some ways) scaling the software from the iPad down. The result is a device that you

Nettlebox Is A $28,000 Hologram Rig That Lets You View Real-Time 3D From All Angles

Russian startup Nettle, which is based in the Skolkovo Tech City area, is showing off a $28,000 holographic gaming set-up at TechCrunch Disrupt SF's hardware alley. The Nettlebox rig consists of a 3D

Texas Instruments targets 3D gaming with Softkinetic-Optrima gesture recognition SDK

[Belgium] Earlier this week, 3D gesture recognition software developer Softkinetic and VUB university spin-off company Optrima, inventor of patented 3D sensing technology announced a joint venture off