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  • 3D Playstation 3 games and Blu-ray titles to come with select Bravia 3D TVs

    Sony’s huge 3D TV offering is launching this summer. TVs, Blu-ray players, 3D glasses, 3D PS3 games, everything will hit the market this June. The wide range of products really feels like a more complete solution than what’s currently available from Samsung or Panasonic. But Sony knows something or two about consumers and demos of four PS3 3D games are going to be “available as… Read More

  • Sony's 3D Blu-ray player spotted at Best Buy

    Don’t get too excited. You just can’t run out and buy one of these Sony Blu-ray players and expect to watch 3D content tonight. Oh no. Not only do the players require a firmware update that’s not expected to later this year to even playback 3D content, but the units do not include the 3D glasses or the IR emitter that’s compatible with this model. Plus, there… Read More

  • The Sony BDP-S470 is ready for all your Blu-ray 3D needs

    Ready or not, 3D Blu-ray movies are coming and the new Sony BDP-S470 is ready to handle all of them — once Sony outs the necessary firmware. The same goes for the previously-announced BDP-S570 player and BDV-E770W and BDV-E570 HTIB systems. All these systems will be rocking 3D movies soon. The new S470, however, is just curiously $20 more than the S370 and a few dollars less than the… Read More