• Jeff Bezos: The Smart People Change Their Minds

    Jeff Bezos: The Smart People Change Their Minds

    Amazon.com Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos stopped by the 37signals office yesterday and offered some wise thoughts about strategy. His views are especially refreshing in a time when people who change their views often get portrayed as weak and lacking confidence. 37signals Founder Jason Fried shared what Bezos said in a blog post he published this morning. After talking for 90-minutes about… Read More

  • 37 Signals Takes Jeff Bezos Investment

    Chicago based 37 Signals, which has shunned venture capital in the past, has taken an investment from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos through his Bezos Expeditions fund. No word on the size of the investment or other details. 37 Signals says they aren’t interested in cash or contacts, they just want access to Jeff. In my opinion this is a great deal for both sides. Our posts on 37 Signals… Read More

  • Do More: Online To Do Lists Compared

    Time is our most valuable commodity. Productivity pays. Procrastination costs us time and money, and leaves us stressed, exhausted and unreliable in the eyes of others. For many, the classic “To Do” list is the remedy. But for heavy web users, there are a number of recently launched to-do list products to choose from, with convenient sharing and other features, and easy to use… Read More

  • 37 Signals Launches Campfire

    Campfire, the new 37 Signals product, launched yesterday. It is a dead simple way to create a robust, permanent (with URL) group chat. Key features include embedded images, permanent URL for chat, no client to download (chat is in the web page), and easy file sharing. I’m basically thinking of it as a real time wiki or an easy to use IRC product with enhanced features. They claim it takes… Read More

  • New Stuff at Basecamp

    37 Signals’ announced a couple of new features yesterday and today for their popular (100,000 users claimed on home page) and useful Basecamp project management product. First, Basecamp now hosts files directly on their servers without the need to set up your own FTP server. Files as large as 20 mb can be uploaded. Second, Basecamp has created a basic affiliate program. If an… Read More

  • RememberTheMilk To Do Lists

    Company: Rememberthemilk
    Launched: October 2005
    Location: Sydney, Australia RememberTheMilk is a new ajax-rich to-do list that is similar to 37 Signal’s Ta-Da Lists. RememberTheMilk lists are organized by tabs. Items are easily entered (although there is an extra click in there that bugs me). Clicking between lists is very straightforward. Items can be easily reordered. And you can… Read More

  • Writeboard Launches But Needs Feature Upgrades

    Service: Writeboard
    Company: part of 37signals
    Launched: October 2, 2005 37signals (creators of backpack, basecamp, etc.) launched Writeboard, an application to build sharable text documents online, today (Jason Fried’s post is here). It’s a nice collaboration tool, but recently released products such as writely and jotspot live have much richer feature sets. Writeboard, which is… Read More

  • BackPack Profile

    Company: BackPack What is it? BackPack launched in early May 2005, and it is one of the defining web 2.0 applications. BackPack does one thing very, very well – organize your personal information online. It has a basic package that is free, and it is one of the first applications built on AJAX and Ruby on Rails. If you aren’t familiar with these development platforms, all you need… Read More