360 camera

Giraffe360, a robotic camera for real estate, raises $4.5M from LAUNCHub and Hoxton Ventures

Giraffe360 has a robotic camera, combined with a subscription service, which enables real estate agents and brokers to generate high-resolution photos of properties, floor plans and virtual tours. It

Review: GoPro Fusion 360 camera

Spherical cameras seem to be one of the more undesired tech trends to be pushed on people in the past couple of years. Consumer tech companies have opted to develop these expensive products as a segue

Google to let anyone add to Street View, starting with Insta360’s Pro camera

Google has a new program called “Street View ready” which will make it possible for anyone with the right hardware to contribute to its Street View imaging database, typically assembled us

Snap explored selling a 360 camera

What comes after Spectacles for the "camera company"? Snap has explored 360 cameras as a future product, according to three sources familiar with the matter. Snap brought in a camera developer with ex

Giroptic iO puts a live-streaming 360 camera onto your iPhone

A couple of weeks ago, we saw an Indiegogo campaign launch from Insta360 for an Android-only 360 camera accessory that attached to the headphone jack of the phone. As with most VR-related (and headpho

To make good VR, you need good VR content. Z Cam is eager to help

Z Cam just launched its S1 camera. Aimed at the VR crowd, it captures four perfectly synchronized 4K streams for high-end 360 video recording. The company is gunning for GoPro's $15k Odyssey rig. Z Ca

IC Real Tech’s 720-Degree Allie Camera Can Stream Virtual Reality

You never really feel like you’re there when you’re stuck watching from whatever angle the camera person chose. Meanwhile, professional virtual reality cameras are way too big or expensiv