• Tweetvisor A Contender For Best Alternate Twitter Interface

    New site Tweetvisor, created by Nelu Lazar, offers users an alternate interface to view and interact with Twitter that some users will really like. (unlike Tweetree, for example, which I think lacks unique and compelling features). The site places messages from other users directed to you (replies and direct messages) in the sidebar, and offers search in the middle of the screen. Users can… Read More

  • Hot New Video, Calendar and Map Widgets

    We discovered 3 impressive new widgets today, from Google, Blinkx and 30 Boxes, and we decided to write about all of them in one post. Widgets are the non-developer’s “small pieces loosely joined,” they are the hottest example right now of data portability on the web. They are fun and useful. Everyone’s got a “widget strategy.” There are widget… Read More

  • 30 Boxes Launches Webtop Service

    30 Boxes co-founder Narendra Rocherolle emailed me today to tell me about their new Webtop service – an Ajax Mac OS-X style deskop tool that gives you instant access to your 30 Boxes Calendar, Gmail, Flickr and other web sites and services that you choose to integrate. Users can also set the background image to their own picture. It’s definitely a shot at the Ajax home page crowd… Read More