Tweetvisor A Contender For Best Alternate Twitter Interface

<img alt="" />New site <a href="http://tweetvisor.com">Tweetvisor</a>, created by Nelu Lazar, offers users an alternate interface to view and interact with Twitter that some users will really like. (<

Hot New Video, Calendar and Map Widgets

We discovered 3 impressive new widgets today, from Google, Blinkx and 30 Boxes, and we decided to write about all of them in one post. Widgets are the non-developer’s “small pieces loosely

30 Boxes Launches Webtop Service

30 Boxes co-founder Narendra Rocherolle emailed me today to tell me about their new Webtop service – an Ajax Mac OS-X style deskop tool that gives you instant access to your 30 Boxes Calendar, G