2048 Ventures

VC and native Ukrainian Alex Iskold is funneling money to Ukranian refugees, $1K at a time

Alex Iskold is “one of the luckiest people you’ve ever met,” he says from his office in New York. He’s the co-founder and managing partner of a venture firm, 2048 Ventures. He

Lantern is a startup looking to ignite a conversation about how to die well

America is a land of paperwork, and nowhere is that more obvious than at the end of someone’s life. Advanced care directives have to be carefully disseminated to healthcare providers and strictly fo

Addapptation snares $1.3M seed to build a better UX for Salesforce

Addapptation, a startup that wants to build a practical design layer on top of Salesforce and other enterprise tools, announced a $1.3 million seed investment today. 2048 Ventures led the round with p

Soona raises $1.2M for quick, affordable content creation

Businesses have to keep the content flowing on social media, so a startup called soona says it’s developed a new way to provide all the photos and videos they need. The company was founded by CE

2048 Ventures raises $27M fund to back first-time founders and the ‘first-time founder mindset’

2048 Ventures, a new early-stage firm founded and led by Alex Iskold and Paul Sethi, is announcing that it has raised a first fund of $27 million. Iskold spent five years as the managing director of T