• Mobilewalla: The Highest Rated Mobile Apps Of 2011

    Mobilewalla: The Highest Rated Mobile Apps Of 2011

    Mobile analytics firm Mobilewalla has ranked the top apps across all four mobile platforms for 2011, using its own ranking system known at the “Mobilewalla Score.” Instead of looking at raw user ratings, this scoring system is an algorithm that analyzes a variety of factors in addition to ratings, including an app’s position within its own category, volume, social media… Read More

  • Distimo’s Year-End Report Shows Why Developers Love iOS: iPhone 4x Android Revenue, iPad 2x

    Distimo’s Year-End Report Shows Why Developers Love iOS: iPhone 4x Android Revenue, iPad 2x

    There are now over a million mobile applications available across the top seven major app stores, according to mobile analytics firm Distimo in its year-end report for 2011. And, not surprisingly, the iTunes App Store is still the one to beat, especially if you’re a developer looking to make a profit. The iPhone App Store generates about four times the revenue that is generated by the… Read More

  • Google+ Comes In At No. 2 On Google’s Own List Of Fastest-Growing Searches Of 2011

    Google+ Comes In At No. 2 On Google’s Own List Of Fastest-Growing Searches Of 2011

    Well, this is convenient. Google published its 2011 Zeitgeist list of the fastest-growing search terms of the year. The No. 2 term on the list, right behind No. 1 “Rebecca Black,” is its own product, “Google+”. Since nobody ever heard of Google+ until this year, and it received loads of news coverage as Google’s strongest attempt yet to take on Facebook, searches… Read More

  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Watches For 2011 Hands-On

    We are about a year away from a total re-shuffle of the Royal Oak for its 40th anniversary – but for 2011 Audemars Piguet has created arguably the best looking Royal Oak Offshore watch ever. Next year is also the 20th Anniversary of the Royal Oak Offshore I believe as well. The redo of the “ROO” (Royal Oak Offshore) for 2011 is simple, but involves a number of refinements… Read More

  • The Most Essential Technology Predictions For 2011, Ever [Video]

    You might remember social media comedian Alex Blagg from “The Greatest Elevator Pitch You’ve Ever Seen.” Now he’s taken 2011 by the horns with “Important Internet & Tech Predictions That Will Definitely Happen In 2k11 (VIRAL VID),” making fun of the infinite series of prediction posts that come out this time of year. I’ve watched the above video… Read More

  • In 2011, AT&T Resolves To Beg Jobs For iPhone Exclusivity & Android To Stop Ripping Off iOS

    Some of these are pretty good. AT&T, for example, genuflecting at the feet of Steve Jobs to ensure the iPhone remains exclusive to them (fat chance). Read More

  • Cartier Astroregulateur Watch Will Make you Dizzy

    2011 might be the “Astro” year for Cartier. Last year’s Cartier Rotonde Astrotourbillon was such a hit that 2011 will have at least two new “Astro” watches. One will be the Calibre Astrotourbillon (with the Rotonde’s existing movement), while this one is something totally different. The “Astroregulateur” (Astroregulator) has an escapement that… Read More

  • 2011 Infiniti M37S: An Extensive Technology Feature List, But The First Impression Isn't Positive

    You can pretty much stand off to the side of the Infiniti M37S and check off the little box for every available vehicle feature: H-O V6? *check* 4 wheel steer? *check* Adaptive cruise control? *check* Bose active noise cancellation? *check* 5.1 Bose surround system? *check* 3D navigation system? *check* A 2011 Infiniti M37S hit my driveway a little bit ago and after taking it for a quick… Read More

  • Review: 2011 Hyundai Equus Ultimate

    This last week we spent time enjoying the ultimate in Korean luxury that is the Hyundai Equus. We weren’t too impressed with early photos but upon first sight, in person, those impressions were immediately discharged. The Equus looks boss, like Kkangpae boss, with a stance on the road so sexy that watchers-on know someone important is in the back. This is the first attempt from a… Read More

  • Driven: 2011 Ford Edge And Edge Sport With MyFord Touch

    Edging down Natchez Trace parkway, in the mountains just southwest of Nashville, a small convoy of journalists deftly put the new 2011 Ford Edge through its paces. When making passes along the route one couldn’t help but notice smiles gleaming on the faces of the other journos. We tested both the 22-inch rolling Edge Sport and the $10K cheaper Edge SEL. This vehicle is the first from… Read More

  • Hitachi predicts 4TB hard drives by 2011 (and an important public service announcement from me to you)

    That’s one big hard drive! Want a 4TB hard drive? Got four years to wait? Good, because that’s how long, according to Hitachi, it’ll take for us to see such drives, roughly keeping us on the double-storage-capacity-every-year track. Such a hard drive would be able to hold “more than a million” songs, says the BBC. (I have around 7,000 songs on my computer, which… Read More

  • Laptops Set to Overthrow Desktops in 2011

    Some British analysts have hypothesized that the laptop market will trump desktop sales by 2011. The group has issued a report predicting that laptop sales will expand by 16.1 percent each year while desktop sales increase by just 3.8 percent. The group cites that 82 million portable computers and about 140 million desktops were sold in 2006. These numbers equate to a 26.3-percent growth… Read More

  • Merrill Lynch Claims 30% Of US Households Will Have A Wii By 2011

    Looks like Merrill Lynch is the latest company to be added to the Nintendo payroll. Analyst Yoshiyuki Kinoshita is now claiming that by the year 2011, 30% of US households will own a Nintendo Wii and a third of Japanese households will own one as well. The predictions come as the Wii has surpassed expected sales and doubts that the console would be gimmicky. Adding fuel to the fire is the… Read More