Yahoo To Get Its Iconic San Francisco Billboard Back

Happy 20th Birthday, Yahoo! What did you get, what did you get? I bet there’ll be parties galore. Gifts, prizes. Presents! – A BILLBOARD! A Billboard? – THE Billboard. If you’v

iPhone 2.0 in all its boring firmware glory

Here we see some first video of the unlocked, super-hacked 2.0 firmware with Exchange support, a new calculator (!!), and complete carrier agnosticism. This is actually a completely new, essentially b

Zune 2.0 For The Holidays

The geeks over at Whiz Byte have the scoop on the G2 Zune and when we might see it. According to a MS rep, we can expect to see it just in time for the holiday rush. It’s a bit strange that MS wants

HP Working On HDTVs With Direct Movie Buying

With more and more people buying HDTVs, demand for HD content is increasing ten-fold each month. While HP may not care about printers so much anymore, it’s definitely working hard in the televis

The Ogo Lives On!

If you were to ask me what a 7-11 and a failed communication device have in common, I’d say the Ogo from back in the day. Though it never quite caught on here, the Ogo lives on in the palms of o

Samsung Vista LCD

While I’m not a fan of Windows, let’s give it up to Samsung for introducing their two new widescreen monitors with Windows Vista certification. Yes that’s right I said Windows Vista certific

Stocking Stuffers: US Modular PowerAid Mobile

, the US Modular PowerAid Mobile is definitely handy to have around. For $49.99, you get a compact multi-product charger for portable devices. Five connectors are included to use with various devices

All Aboard The Wii Train

The above Nintendo Wii peripheral is a new controller that goes with Taito’s train simulation game. We haven’t heard too much about this game, so we can’t say if the controller will

Twenty-Inch Laptop Hits the Streets of Manhatten

<img class="left" src="https://techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/01/laptop hybrid. At 18.5 pounds, it's not really intended for the roadwarrior. But what if it were? The go