• Toshiba Is Working On 1TB Optical Discs

    In July this year, TDK announced BDXL Blu-ray discs with 100GB capacity. And now TDK is working on optical discs that even boast 1TB capacity. The company says the current prototype has 16 layers (four times more than on a Blu-ray disc), each with 32GB on each side (equaling 1,024GB). Read More

  • OCZ's 1TB SSD Colossus due out this month for ~$2500

    Introduced at Computex in June, the aptly named Colossus 1TB SSD from OCZ is expected to hit store shelves later this month, says Gizmag. The 14.1-ounce 3.5-inch drive claims to have a read speed of 250MB/s and write speeds up to 220MB/s via SATA2. The RAID 0 compliant drive will supposedly hit store shelves later this month for ~$2500. Read More