• In The Fight Against IT Waste, 1E Releases NightWatchman 6.0

    Computer power management software company, 1E has released a new version of its marquee product, NightWatchman. Like its predecessors, version 6.0, helps corporations manage their network of computers to optimize energy efficiency. It gives IT managers the ability to remotely power down computers and establish energy-saving settings (ie. automatic shutdown of desktops during the weekend). In… Read More

  • Google Instant: Energy Saver or Sucker?

    When Google Instant debuted on September 8th, the search company touted its efficiency. As TechCrunch has previously reported, Google Instant saves web users time by delivering results more quickly than other engines, and Google’s earlier search products. Marissa Mayer Google’s vice president of search products and user experience, estimates Google Instant could save a collective… Read More