• FacePlant: An App To Tell You When You Can Actually Use FaceTime

    FacePlant: An App To Tell You When You Can Actually Use FaceTime

    If you have an iPhone 4, you’ve probably had this problem: you really want to use FaceTime, but there are simply not a lot of opportunities to use it. Sure, one problem is that both parties need an iPhone 4 currently. But perhaps even more annoying is that you have no way of knowing which of your friends with iPhone 4s are actually connected to WiFi so they can use FaceTime. Read More

  • With Live Streaming A Go, Qik Rushes Towards The App Store

    As we first reported last night, Apple is finally allowing live streaming video applications into the App Store. Apple’s acceptance of the Ustream Live Broadcaster has seemingly paved the way for other live-streaming apps. And one of the best known ones, Qik, is wasting little time to get its app out there. The company writes in a blog post today that they’ve already submitted… Read More

  • 12mail = 12seconds + Twitter + Facebook + iPhone

    At our Real-Time Stream CrunchUp in July, 12seconds previewed a new iPhone application to send video messages to your Twitter and Facebook followers. Today, the app, called 12mail Video Messenger, is finally live in the App Store. To refresh your memory, basically, the app allows you to send short videos to your friends in the same way that you might send them text messages. Once you download… Read More

  • While We Wait For 12seconds' Robust iPhone App, We Get A Dead Simple One

    12seconds showed off a really slick-looking new iPhone app at our Real-Time Stream CrunchUp earlier this month. Unfortunately, that’s not quite ready yet. But in the meantime, they have another iPhone app that is ready, and it’s about as simple as can be — which may be good thing. Called 12cast, the app claims to be the “simplest way to get video on Twitter.”… Read More

  • 12seconds Lays An iPhone Video Messenger On Top Of Twitter's Social Graph

    12seconds has had an iPhone app for a while now. Unfortunately, it was fairly crippled because iPhones couldn’t shoot video, so you had to take still pictures and make 12 second collages. Now, with the iPhone 3GS you can shoot video. And so 12seconds is making its app a whole lot better. Unveiled today at our Real-Time Stream CrunchUp event, the “12seconds Video Messenger for… Read More