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Check out TechCrunch at the Extreme Tech Challenge Global Finals

The Extreme Tech Challenge is the launching pad for ideas that can power a more sustainable, equitable, healthy, inclusive and prosperous world. On July 22nd, 2021, 80+ finalists participated in a world-wide startup pitch off competition. These finalists represented 6 continents, 92 Countries and over 3,700 applicants — all with focuses on social impact, greentech, healthtech, and the sustainability tech ecosystem.

Check out the following three sessions TechCrunch hosted on waste, carbon emitters and going green: 

Waste Matters

According to the EPA, the U.S. alone produces 292.4 million tons of waste a year. Can technology help this massive – and growing – issue? Leon Farrant (Green Li-Ion), Matanya Horowitz (AMP Robotics), and Elizabeth Gilligan (Material Evolution) will discuss their companies’ unique approaches to dealing with the problem.

Cutting Out Carbon Emitters with Bioengineering

Bioengineering may soon provide compelling, low-carbon alternatives in industries where even the best methods produce significant emissions. By utilizing natural and engineered biological processes, we may soon have low-carbon textiles from Algiknit, lab-grown premium meats from Orbillion, and fuels captured from waste emissions via LanzaTech. Leaders from these companies will join our panel to talk about how bioengineering can do its part in the fight against climate change.

Going Green

Sustainability is the key to our planet’s future and our survival, but it’s also going to be incredibly lucrative and a major piece of our world economy. Hear from these seasoned investors and founders how VCs and startups alike are thinking about greentech and how that will evolve in the coming years.

Winners 2021

Check out the winners of the XTC pitch-off global competition:


Enabling Tech: Dot Inc.

Dot Inc. makes a tactile monitor that enables STEM education, visual works, and games for the 285M visually impaired people worldwide. The company aims to provide disabled people easier access to public information via barrier-free kiosks and IoT infrastructures in smart cities.

FinTech: Hillridge Technology

Hillridge Technology developed insurance to help farmers protect their crop yields and livestock against harmful weather conditions. Their technology connects farmers to underwriters, who help to provide short term coverage, tailored to each farmer’s needs. 

Learn more about all of the finalists here.