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Look Beyond the Survey to Capture the True Voice of the Customer

Global companies spend $90B a year on analytics and surveys trying to understand customers’ expectations and decisions. How can companies shift their perspective away from cold, transactional data to the truth behind what’s on customers’ minds now to better understand their purchase decisions? Join the CEO of Worthix who details case studies and gives you tips on how you can use AI-powered, Voice of the Customer technology to help streamline your interation process to better follow what your customers want from your business.


Guilherme Cerqueira | Chief Executive Officer, Worthix

Guilherme Cerqueira is the founder and CEO of Worthix, an Atlanta-based technology startup. He has +20 years of experience in Marketing Research, is a serial entrepreneur, and is a member of multiple accelerators and associations, such as 500startups, ATDC, ESOMAR, and Endeavor. Cerqueira majored in Psychology and has multiple degrees and certifications from renowned international institutions such as ENSEAD, Standford, and Harvard Business School.