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Making mobility data accessible to governmental agencies to meet new transportation demands

Wejo provides accurate and unbiased unique journey data, curated from millions of connected cars, to help local, state, province and federal government agencies visualize traffic and congestion conditions. Unlock a deeper understanding of mobility trends, to make better decisions, support policy development and solve problems more effectively for your towns and cities.


Bret Scott — VP, Partnerships, Wejo

Bret uses more than three decades of knowledge in the automotive industry to bring partnerships between Wejo and OEM’s to life. With technical and commercial experience from GM, VW and FCA, he is equally comfortable discussing trends in the mobility sector as he is in uncovering the mutual benefits of working together on a project. Born and raised in Pontiac Michigan, Bret is the product of several generations of car enthusiasts and can often be found under one of his classic cars. His knowledge of municipal operations has come from his service as City Commissioner in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, where he now lives. Bret holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA specializing in Globalization from Lawrence Technological University.