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WaveShark brings adventure sport E-Surfing to everyone

Adventure sports are notoriously high risk. While some of us dream of pushing the boundaries of human resilience against the backdrop of the great outdoors, most never do. The barrier to entry, learning curve (and not to mention risks) for extreme sports are just too high…until now.  

Introducing WaveShark

Enter WaveShark — a new global electric surfboarding brand that aims to revolutionize water adventure sports by making them accessible to everyone. With the global boating, surfing, and extreme sports industries spearheading a multi-billion-dollar market , the industry has shifted towards renewable energy, product safety, and hydrodynamic innovation. WaveShark enters the game with two new products — the WaveShark Jetboard and the WaveShark Foil. 

WaveShark Jetboard

The WaveShark Jetboard is an innovative electric surfboard that is born to thrill. The WaveShark Jetboard comes equipped with an industry-leading top speed of 60km/h, and a boosting time of 3 seconds, which offers you unadulterated power on the waves. Lithium-ion batteries have attracted worldwide interest in electric vehicles fields due to their high energy density and long cycle life. The WaveShark Jetboard features a high battery capacity of 3.6kWh, which provides 45 minutes of cruising time per charge. 

WaveShark Foil

The WaveShark Foil is an electric hydrofoil surfboard that focuses on giving users a quieter, natural, and more connected experience on the water. The WaveShark Foil offers an almost spiritual sensation of flying above the water where you can see beyond the horizon. The electric surfing hydrofoil glides above the water without leaving a wake or any discernible noise, giving you more time to enjoy the experience. It also offers up to 120 minutes of battery life (the longest ride time currently offered on any electric hydrofoil on the market). 

Other features

Both WaveShark products feature portable, modular designs that are ideal for surfers anywhere looking for a low-maintenance device for seasonal trips. Both products are made of ultra-light carbon fiber, which reduces their weight and increases their responsiveness on the water. They also feature GPS positioning, an intelligent remote control, and sophisticated maneuverability abilities. 

What to expect from WaveShark?

WaveShark possesses integrated manufacturing capabilities, which ensure each component is expertly designed, created, and tested to meet strict product requirements. For the new lineup, several tests were conducted that included dynamic seal testing, salt spray testing, and vibration testing to deliver two waterproof, corrosion resistant, and reliable products.

“The team here at WaveShark believes in a consumer-based brand mission where we bring the ultimate sensation of E-surfing to everyone,”says the founder of WaveShark, Wally Zheng. “We create products empowered by intelligent technology and integrated manufacturing systems. We have devoted every effort to our new product line, covering everything from design, safety, and functionality. WaveShark will keep striving to deliver the best product quality and user experience, and we aim to be a global leader in water sports.”

Become a WaveShark Global Brand Ambassador

If you’re an extreme sports enthusiast with a thirst for adrenaline, WaveShark is looking for pioneering Global Brand Ambassadors. In addition to discounts on individually purchased products, Global Brand Ambassadors will receive exclusive 1-on-1 training sessions and access to a community of users where your voice makes a difference.

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