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Is it time to take your streaming experience to the next level?

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With all of the time spent at home recently, 2020 just might be the year for anyone who has been relying on a laptop to stream movies and television to take their viewing experience to the next level. Let’s face it, while portability is nice, watching the epic adventures of, say, The Mandalorian on a 13-inch screen isn’t going to deliver the full goods. 

To that end, we’ve compiled a collection of some of the best options when it comes to providing peak picture, sound and streaming quality for all of your TV needs. A good streaming setup is more or less critical if one wants to keep one’s fingers on the pulse of what’s popping in entertainment and, with lower prices on some of these picks, you’ll never look back on laptop viewing.



Obviously, one of the biggest factors in the quality of the TV-watching experience is the screen on which you’re doing it. While laptop screens have certainly made a lot of strides in terms of image quality over the past few years, it’s nothing compared to the crystal-clear imagery offered up by today’s highest-definition televisions, many of which also come with connectivity that makes locating the latest streaming content a snap.

Modern TVs are really pushing the boundaries when it comes to image clarity, offering 4K ultra-high-definition imagery that makes even standard HD look fuzzy by comparison. What’s more, they come equipped with High Dynamic Range technology to boost contrast and deliver vivid colors, even in dark scenes. Wireless connectivity and easy-to-navigate guidance systems complete the picture, making it easy to find your favorite show.

Check out these eyeball-exploding TVs to see what 4K Ultra HD can do for you:


Samsung 65″ Class 4K Crystal UHD LED Smart TV with HDR

Buy Now: $478 on Walmart


Hisense 75″ Class 4K UHD LED Roku Smart TV with HDR

Buy Now: $598 on Walmart

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Of course, all that ultra-dazzling image quality will feel a bit wasted if it’s accompanied by audio that’s not up to the same standard of excellence. Fortunately, many of today’s sound systems have kept up on the innovation front, delivering ever-more-impressive aural experiences in ever-smaller packages.

Your first, best bet is probably a soundbar system. These packages, consisting of one slim, horizontally wide speaker, a subwoofer, and additional units that can be placed around the room, are capable of delivering a fully immersive surround soundscape without a tangle of wires. In that same spirit, connecting them to your TV is simply a matter of syncing, eliminating the bothersome need to hunt for the right ports.

Check these options out, and put those earbuds away:


Samsung 290W 2.1 Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer

Buy Now: $179 on Walmart


LG 4.1 Channel 420W Soundbar Surround System

Buy Now: $149 on Walmart


Vizio 36″ 5.1 Soundbar with Bluetooth

Buy Now: $198 on Walmart

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If you don’t have room for a full home theater setup, don’t worry – smaller, more portable, Bluetooth-enabled options are there for you. And, if hearing “portable Bluetooth speaker” has you thinking of the tiny, tinny options of yore, it’s time you met some of the newer kids on the block. Long battery life and powerful, full-spectrum sound now come in handily small packages.


JBL Charge 4 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Buy Now: $119.95 on Walmart

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Streaming Media Players

While some TVs come equipped with their own systems that incorporate streaming apps, it’s also sometimes helpful to have one piece of hardware that centralizes all your options. That’s the logic behind streaming media players. Offered by companies like Roku, these powerhouse boxes come with both wireless and Ethernet connectivity to ensure you’re able to access what you’re watching at its highest quality. Fun perks like voice controls and apps that turn your smartphone into a remote accompany literally thousands of hours of movies and TV that’ll make the feeling of aimlessly casting about for something good to watch a relic of the past. 


Roku Ultra LT Streaming Media Player

Buy Now: $59 on Walmart

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