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Scaling your business during a recession

In the past few years, we have faced the sudden consequences of a pandemic and now have the threat of recession looming overhead. With this background, the speakers will be explaining how they could achieve 582% growth for VOSKER in just 2 years between 2019 and 2021- especially considering the pandemic and global-chip shortage. VOSKER was established in 2018 and is a fast-growing company looking to be the next global technology leader. In this session, the main takeaways would be how to successfully pivot and adapt during unexpected challenges and use uncertain times as an opportunity to innovate. This will give participants key insights into how they can scale their business even during a recession.


Danny Angers | EVP & Chief Growth Officer, VOSKER

Danny is the EVP, Chief Growth Officer as well as one of the co-founders and board members of VOSKER. An experienced business developer, his corporate development and interpersonal skills has led to significant growth opportunities across various technological sector. Pulling knowledge and strength from over ten years of experience as a specialist business developer and go-to-market strategist, Danny’s truest passion and values lies in pursuing bold ideas whilst supporting and leading disruptive technologies throughout the globe. Admired for expressing a genuine commitment to changing the world, Danny Angers exhibits a great rigour around decision-making, all whilst creating a diverse and inclusive tech environment. Danny’s impressive professional career has, therefore, often been described as witnessing a humble man with not-so-humble strategies. Watching this self-made serial entrepreneur move, create, disrupt and reinvent the tech industry is that of true wonder and magic. Danny’s deep devotion to the unrelenting growth and power of technology not only makes him a VOSKER asset but an industry veteran whose renowned actions will continue to speak volumes – on both a local and global scale.

Mélanie Lavoie | Senior VP Talent & Culture, VOSKER

Mélanie Lavoie is one of very few VP’s who has been able to navigate the ins and outs of a pandemic-stricken economy with exceptional precision and charm. She has not only weathered the current storm but actively reshaped the future resilience and profitability of VOSKER. Witnessing her ability to straddle both the company’s economic and talent-based needs is truly that of pure genius as Lavoie set up numerous communication processes – all within her first week at VOSKER. She created a groundbreaking training program for leaders within the company and had an active hand in over 200 hires and integrations. The organizational agility that Lavoie possesses has quickly become the holy grail to which many refer when discovering how to respond to rapidly changing markets. Mélanie not only understands corporate ambitions but concisely turns those goals into tangible wins for VOSKER. She is further recognized for her transformational leadership based, among other things, on her ability to listen, and communicate with impact, her collaborative approach, and her passion for talent development. Mélanie Lavoie is living proof that leaning into uncertainty and the threats of instability will yield rare skills and allow you to access immense power which makes for better employees, leaders, and executives.

Thomas Nguyen-Lien | General Manager, Customer Advisory Service, VOSKER

Thomas Nguyen-Lien is not only a name that easily rolls off the tongue but it’s a name that will soon become the gold standard for global customer care. Holding the title of General Manager – Customer Advisory Service at VOSKER, Thomas has been instrumental in revolutionising traditional consumer-centric philanthropies. He has not only optimised existing customer pillars but implemented highly successful processes within his department which have allowed them to efficiently utilise the power of the technology to better serve all customers on any given platform. By progressively articulating a more comprehensive vision for the institution via bold, strategic and inspirational actions, one would describe his movements as simply pioneering. The focal point for all of Thomas’s strategies has been to ensure that the needs, wishes and desires of all consumers are not only met but greatly exceeded. In order to flesh out this notion, Thomas has actively customized all company metrics and led all internal consumer-facing hypergrowth in terms of calls and requests. He continues to improve all processes while teaching his teams to deliver with excellence. His rejection of top-down mandates and adoration for collaborative efforts ensures that success is a shared commodity amongst his peers and coworkers. By highlighting the increasing gap between clients and organisations and easily correcting these missteps, Thomas is VOSKER’s secret weapon when it comes to satisfying both the needs of the business and those of their audience in an authentic and reliable manner – no matter the industry or environment.