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Volta XL: Ever wondered what it would be like to have a cable that worked with all your devices?

Whether you’re a MacBook user who misses the good ol’ days of the MagSafe charger or are just looking for a fast, safe and easy way to charge your smartphone, the Australian-designed Volta XL offers an ingenious solution that solves many of the problems with today’s charging cables.

Taking inspiration from the coveted, magnetically-attaching MagSafe design that adorned three generations of MacBook charging adapters, the Volta XL can quickly transform any device’s USB-C port into a safer and more durable socket.


How does it work?

Volta cables consist of two parts – the cable itself, alongside a small and low-profile tip that’s plugged into your device’s charging port, with the two parts magnetically attaching together and able to transmit both power and data. That magnet means that you won’t accidentally rip out your cord or pull your laptop off your desk if you or someone else trip on it.

Like MagSafe, the Volta XL cable design is totally reversible, so it can be used in any orientation and the powerful neodymium magnet ensures that it quickly snaps into place to start charging your device, but it will only detach when you want it to… whether that’s through accident or intention.

Another similarity this cable shares with the well-known Apple design is the inclusion of a smart LED indicator to let you know the status of your device’s charge.


These bad boys won’t break

Volta has ensured that its cables past strict tests when it comes to reliability and durability, and as such it can guarantee that its cables are 10 times stronger than any other cable on the market. They’re made to last and constructed of ultra-strong military grade nylon for amazing durability. When paired with a specialized ‘anti-fray protection’ tech that’s employed at either end of the cable, the Volta XL’s able to withstand all the rough and tumble of everyday use, no matter how compulsively you change your device.

As proof of Volta’s commitment to durability, the company offers a lifetime warranty on its products, so no matter how long you’ve had your Volta XL for, if it happens to fail, you’ll be supplied with a brand-new replacement — something that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars over the years.

A neat bonus that comes with the durable nylon design of the cable is that it’s tangle-free, meaning you can chuck it in your bag or purse and not have to worry about spending minutes trying to untangle it at the other end. Plus, not being constantly tied in knots can also greatly increase a cable’s lifespan.

In addition to that clever and durable construction, the Volta XL aesthetics haven’t been neglected either, with a design that’s both striking and practical. Available in either black or red, you can choose to opt for the suave and sophisticated tech look or make a statement and stand out – and make your cable a little easier to find while you’re at it.

Supports even the fastest (and fattest) charging

The design and endurance of the Volta XL are both seriously top-notch, but how about its charging? Well, this cable offers super-fast charging, meaning it can charge devices up to 70% faster compared to standard 5W charging cables.

Not only that, the Volta XL supports 87W USB-C power-adapter charging for the likes of the demanding 15-inch MacBook Pro, or 60W charging for a 13-inch MacBook Pro. This also means that devices such as the iPad Pro, HP Spectre, Windows Surface, Google Pixel 2, Galaxy Note 9 can all be juiced up at maximum speed with a Volta XL cable.

Naturally, running a cable into many of these devices doesn’t just mean battery charging. You’ll also be able to transfer data via the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 standard through the Volta XL, so there’s no need for carrying around multiple cords or having to plug in and unplug several times to get the job done.

Reverse charge

If you find yourself on the move quite a bit, then you can share your devices’ charge thanks to the inclusion of a 56-ohm resistor within the Volta XL. That means, for instance, if your Nintendo Switch is getting low on power but your phone is pretty much full, you can plug one end into each and share the battery love.

If this is all sounding too good to be true… there’s more. Volta donates 40% of all its earnings to health and education projects in developing countries – so you can score yourself a premium, long-life cable and still feel good about your purchase.