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Teforia Leaf Giveaway

Teforia’s second-gen tea robot, the Teforia Leaf, combines cutting-edge technology & the knowledge of the world’s greatest tea masters in one beautiful device, making it easy for anyone to craft the perfect cup of tea! 

The Teforia Leaf draws out the amazing flavor of each tea varietal, while eliminating the bitterness and astringency common to tea bags. Teforia even recently won Best Tea Brewing Device at the 2017 World Tea Expo.

From June 29th 12:00am PDT – July 14th 11:59pm PDT, you can enter to win a free Teforia Leaf ($399 value) with 15 SIPs (tea pods) along with a $50 Teforia gift card. Enter here for your chance to win.

What Makes the Teforia Leaf Awesome?
Tea is vastly complex, and each varietal requires a different process (water temp, steeping time, etc.) to brew the perfect cup. The Teforia Leaf makes this process easy and automatic–for example, it already knows that your favorite green tea needs to brewed at a cooler temperate and for a shorter time than your afternoon cup of oolong.

  • Affordability:
    By taking innovative technology and making it simpler, the Teforia Leaf is available for $399 — less than half the price of the company’s flagship device, Teforia Classic. 
  • Premium tea subscription:
    The Leaf exclusively uses Teforia’s Perfect Cup tea subscription ‘Sips’ — convenient, smart, loose-leaf tea pods — that contain the highest-quality tea on the planet, along with rare, freshly harvested teas never before tasted by the public. Plus, the Sips are 90% compostable and fully recyclable.
  • Customizable caffeine:
    Several of the Leaf’s premium teas can be brewed with either “standard” or “boosted” caffeine levels with simply the touch of a button.
  • App-free experience:
    While users still need the app to set up their Leaf, the app is no longer needed to brew every carafe–so crafting the perfect cup of tea is easier than ever.