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No-code platforms: why they’re here and why they matter

No-code platforms are an emerging market with fast-growing influence: by 2024, they’re expected to account for a whopping 60% of all application development and generate $187 billion in revenue (up from $12.17 billion in 2020).

Even giants like Walmart and Venture Capitalists are getting into the mix, with the former announcing plans to acquire a no-code startup and the latter calling low-code/no-code technologies a “core part of their investment strategy.”

But what makes no-code such a big deal? And why is it valuable for startups and small businesses?

Join Kintone VP of Strategy and Operations, Theo Chiba, for an inside look at the emerging no-code market, its rapid adoption, and how businesses can leverage this new technology to improve their own business operations. He is joined by Heather Johnson, Owner of Hybrid Strategies Inc. who will be sharing how she made the switch to low-code, and what she advises for others looking to do the same.

What’s covered:
-Key developments in the no-code market and technology
-What advantages no-code platforms offer compared to traditional software tools
-How to leverage no-code tools as part of building a strong technology game plan

If you’re looking to learn about this emerging technology and what it can do to improve your business operations, this webinar is right for you.