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How HelloSign Helps Businesses Manage Documents & Increase Revenue

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a small business or a large company, it’s highly likely you and your teams will handle a large amount of administrative paperwork. From onboarding a new employee to giving a fresh client a welcome package with next steps, having a well-designed, intuitive, efficient document workflow is key to ensuring that operations run smoothly. A workflow management platform like HelloSign can help automate and digitize the entire process — which means happier employees who deal with less administrative tasks and more satisfied clients, who have a clear and reliable system of reminders and next steps to count on.

The biggest selling point of transitioning to the HelloSign platform is greater operational efficiency and a better bottom line. Here’s how the platform works: first, you establish the sequence of tasks and signatures that need to be gathered. That helps prevent the ball from being dropped in the first place: by ensuring that everyone sees what they need to see at the appropriate time, and they’re distributed and done by deadline. Once you establish the order of the paperwork, then HelloSign can send automatic reminders, up to 5 CCs and a “final approval” for you — and you can check in to the dashboard to see where the process is held up, if at all.

You can also save valuable time by using templates, so you can maximize the standardization of paperwork creation (already time consuming enough on its own). For contracts that don’t need an intense amount of customization, you can just send out a link to as many people as you want — meaning you can collect the signatures you need in just minutes.

Developers can also use the HelloSign API to seamlessly integrate with the apps you already use in your workflow. Context reigns supreme when it comes to workflows, and if you’re already used to using certain apps — like DropBox, Evernote or Gmail — you can use the API to integrate with those tools in the way that makes the most sense for your company. And if you’re a company that needs to have on-brand signature collection, the HelloSign API allows you to completely control the end-user experience, so your digital interface can look visually exactly how you need it to (while still taking advantage of HelloSign’s powerful features).

Companies who use HelloSign have increased their revenue by 8% in their first year — meaning you could have a direct path to reducing overhead while delivering a better customer experience overall.

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