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Don’t want an expensive managed security service? Then DIY Security can help.

Imagine this scenario.

You’ve been called away suddenly on business, so suddenly that you left the back door open, prompting a notification from your Smart Home Security system.

Nobody is home, so you call your neighbor, Glen, and ask him to do the honors of locking the back door and feeding the cat.

Glen obliges and you thank him through Smart Home Security voice chat, adding that of course he can have the beer he’s taking out of your fridge.

Late that night, you get a video notification from Smart Home Security: there’s a hooded man in the window shining a light into your darkened living room.

The cat isn’t going to scare this guy off, but your Smart Home Security system can. It automatically turns on your lights outside, sounds an alarm and plays audio of a dog barking.

Brightly lit and facing down a guard dog, the intruder bolts away, realizing that your house is not the easy target that they thought it was.

You go back to sleep, confident that if they or someone else tries messing with your home tonight, your Smart Home Security system will have your back.

Security monitoring helps people take control of their safety and have greater peace of mind when it comes to the place they live and the people they love. Whether you’re looking out for a family, a home, a four-legged friend or all of the above, security monitoring systems help keep you safe and aware of what’s happening in your house.  

The only catch is, most security monitoring systems are controlled by potentially expensive managed security services which charge a lot for false alarms. Apart from being expensive to set up and subscribe to, this setup is performed by a technician and managed by your provider, removing control over the process.

Smart home security systems, on the other hand, give you the awareness that you’re looking for without a gatekeeper charging you for security monitoring or the hassle of someone coming into your home to set up the system.

Smart home security systems help keep families and homes safer by integrating security monitoring with other smart home features that you use, like lights and personal geofence detection. By using your existing smart home functionality, smart home security systems provide total home awareness and security coverage that the home owner manages and controls, instead of some security company.

Honeywell Smart Home Security is a system that helps families keep watch, notifying them when family members arrive home or leave, when a door or window is unexpectedly opened, or even if it senses a possible intruder outside.

After a quick DIY setup, this Alexa-enabled device is ready to keep you up-to-date on what’s going on in your home, no matter where you are.  Further than just keeping an eye on things, Smart Home Security gives you a presence in your home with two-way voice communication, so you can be in touch when you’re out of the house.

Smart Home Security can send you an alert when it detects motion, with a video clip of what is happening, so you can see when kids are roughhousing or the dog is going out of bounds up on your bed.

But, not every visitor to your home will be invited, and Smart Home Security has you covered when suspicious people are around your home. When an intruder is detected, Smart Home Security will send you video of what is happening and, at the same time, can sound an alarm, activate lights, or even play the sound of a barking dog to make the house appear occupied.

Connected homes give people more comfort and enjoyment in the place they live, and Smart Home Security adds protection and total awareness to smart home functionality. By keeping you updated on everything happening in and around your home, Smart Home Security provides peace of mind to your family without the cost or disruption of a security monitoring service.