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You can become a Salesforce Trailblazer with this $30 bundle

Salesforce has a commanding hold on the CRM industry: in May 2018, it was named the #1 CRM provider for the fifth year in a row, and the program’s popularity shows no signs of stopping. As a result, becoming a Salesforce Trailblazer is a more in-demand skill than ever, and showing off your know-how with a certification can help you stay on top of a competitive job market. The Salesforce Trailblazer Bundle, available now from StackSocial, contains eight classes that cover everything from cloud consulting to data science, prepping you for a valuable set of certification exams to beef up your resume. Here’s a breakdown of the included classes.

Complete Salesforce & Salesforce 1

This class takes you through the nuts and bolts of the world’s most popular CRM, teaching you how to manage customer information, turn that data into successful marketing for new demographics, and more. Making smart decisions using Salesforce Dashboard will be a snap after this course, and you’ll gain fluency on a desktop as well as mobile.

Salesforce Cloud Consulting

The Salesforce Service and Cloud Consulting courses will help you gain fluency in the Salesforce Lightning Service Console, OmniChannel, and Sales Cloud. You’ll learn how to design and deploy custom business process solutions, discover how to implement applications in common customer scenarios, and even create multiple Salesforce processes to show potential employers. You’ll be well-prepared for the Service and Sales Consultant Certification exams once you master these classes.

Salesforce Einstein Discovery: Introduction to AI and Data Science

Data science that discovers patterns in mass amounts of information and helps automate processes is incredibly valuable to large, complex companies that don’t have time to create massive spreadsheets or put all hands on deck to suss out what’s happening with their customers. This course will help you learn the basics of using AI for business without delving into complex coding — saving you (and your coworkers) plenty of time.

Salesforce Administration

The Complete Salesforce Administrator Course shows you how to administer this powerful CRM in a professional environment. You’ll develop experience with their new Lightning interface, dive into SalesforceA for Administrators, and even roll out Salesforce1 for a team. When you’re all done, you’ll have a Salesforce Administrator Certification as well as valuable additions to your portfolio.

Salesforce Platform App Builder

This course’s structure is based on the official Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification. You’ll develop your own IMDb clone using Salesforce, harness the power of Salesforce Connect and Heroku for external data sources, and set up security and access permissions on the Salesforce platform. Earning this certification will show that you’ve learned how to combine Salesforce’s many tools and turn them into cohesive projects that will improve customer relations and boost company productivity.

Usually, this training could cost more than $900 but StackSocial is offering the bundle for $29.99 today.

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