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Taiwan Reception: Innovations and investment opportunities amid COVID-19

500 Startups believes in uplifting people and economies through entrepreneurship. With a portfolio of over 2,400 companies across 77 countries—more than half of which are outside of the US—500 Startups prioritizes the development of emerging startup ecosystems to promote innovation and diversified economies, including over 25 startups in Taiwan.

Taiwan is presenting itself as a new leader of what will become the “post-Covid-19” landscape due to its pragmatic response to the coronavirus. With fewer cases and therefore fewer economic setbacks, Taiwan has its eyes set on startup development and entrepreneurship, positioning itself at the forefront of innovation.

Christine Tsai (500 Startups), Allan May (Life Sciences Angels), Tico Blumenthal (Cordis), and Laura Dietch (BioTrace Medical) explored the investment and innovation framework and opportunities in a post-COVID19 world, discussing the driver of innovation healthcare amid the pandemic and economic collapse. TTA also presents the key anti-Covid-19 innovative measures taken in Taiwan to achieve the lowest infection rate around the world.