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How Trusted Tech Team Slashed Businesses’ IT Budgets by up to 33% with Microsoft Cloud Solutions

A surefire way to become a hero in the eyes of your managers and peers is to enhance your company’s IT infrastructure. But, if you’ve been around long enough, you know that any changes to your technological environment come with unexpected costs, security risks, and unforeseen compatibility issues – leaving you with ninety-nine routes to doom and only one path to glory. 

But one Irvine startup is proving to the entire IT industry that streamlining software efficiency and cutting costs can be completely hassle-free.

Trusted Tech Team, the company you’ve never heard of, with “the offer that sounds too good to be true,” disrupted the software industry in 2017. When founded, its mission was to address the need for expertise in licensing and procurement to help businesses save time and money, minus the hassle – letting businesses get back to doing what they do best.

“According to Statista, increases in product costs are a leading IT concern anticipated to continue challenging businesses in 2023.”

At a time when responsive customer service was highly sought after and innovative integrations challenged many, companies demanded more expertise and solutions to bridge the gap between humans and technology. By adopting a client-centric approach, Trusted Tech Team serviced 500+ clients within the first six months of operation and received recognition as a Microsoft Gold Partner, the highest level of competency and expertise in Microsoft software, deployment, and support.

Left to right: Marc Ongaro (Director of Cloud Services), Julian Hamood (President), and Todd Richardson (CRO) of Trusted Tech Team

Now servicing thousands of businesses over 50 states and 70+ countries, Trusted Tech Team identified the growing trend towards cloud adoption and noticed the same problem that the company initially solved – the need for more expertise in licensing. With resources like the Windows Server Licensing Calculator, customers have always turned to Trusted Tech Team with questions surrounding cloud licensing. The global trend towards the cloud market marked the company’s substantial shift in focus from legacy, on-premises solutions to cloud solutions. Trusted Tech Team’s ramp-up of expertise and support capacity for the cloud market accelerated the company’s growth trajectory – making a splash in the realm of cloud-based software. Soon after, Trusted Tech Team was accepted as a CSP Direct Partner of Microsoft. The company has made waves by slashing cloud solutions costs by up to 33% and solving IT challenges for corporations across an array of industries. The relationship acquired through the Microsoft Partner Network allows the company to provide competitive pricing, authentic software, and support services for Microsoft 365, Azure, and more.

Becoming One of Microsoft’s Highest Volume Partners

Trusted Tech Team became one of Microsoft’s highest volume partners in the U.S. by consistently providing the best combination of pricing and support. As a cloud solutions expert, the company is known for optimally scoping licensing needs, assessing product requirements, and deploying the right software at the lowest price. After reviewing existing IT architecture and business goals, Trusted Tech Team’s in-house Microsoft licensing engineers match the client’s software specifications with their infrastructure needs. Trusted Tech Team then presents a proposal for the client’s approval, and once both sides reach an agreement, the client instantly enjoys discounts of up to 33% off MSRP.

Trusted Tech Team’s groundbreaking Cloud Solutions offering starts with the best term options in the industry, highlighted by the flexibility to add and remove licenses with month-to-month billing. With 24/7 access to Trusted Tech Team’s self-service portal, businesses can keep track of their licenses, document changes, and update them before the expiration date. Moreover, one of the many things clients love is the option for consolidated billing – no need for multiple invoices!

In-House Microsoft Support & Professional Services

Businesses increasingly turn to Microsoft solutions to transition to the cloud, facilitate remote/hybrid working environments, and maximize business outputs. The ongoing challenge for companies isn’t primarily on whether the cloud is the right choice but on properly leveraging cloud solutions. Often, companies need clarity regarding infrastructure needs, software implementation, and utilization. In addition, Microsoft’s frequent changes and updates may leave you feeling overwhelmed and uninformed.

Trusted Tech Team’s complimentary Premier Support helps individuals cut through the confusion and business strains of unraveling the licensing world. Its Microsoft licensing engineers are certified with at least three cloud-focused competencies encouraging a culture of continuous learning and growth. By doing so, licensing engineers became the go-to experts for everything Microsoft, ready to support clients whenever needed. 

After receiving so much positive feedback about the support and expertise provided on the purchasing side, customers were craving additional services from the company. To help with more complex requests and projects from customers, Trusted Tech Team’s Professional Services was added for extra bandwidth and expertise. With Professional Services, businesses can confidently focus on growing their business and IT infrastructure. As an extension of your team, you can leverage the company’s Subject Matter Experts to help with Azure and Microsoft 365 buildups, mailbox migrations, SharePoint migrations, and more. 

Following years of surpassing customer satisfaction, growth, and revenue goals, Trusted Tech Team continues to stay on course with many near-future opportunities and objectives. As a company that refuses to be satisfied, Trusted Tech Team adds more audacious goals to continue pushing the envelope and redefining what Excellent Customer Service means in the tech industry. 

With lingering economic uncertainties and projections of increasing product costs, businesses are wary about IT spending and who to trust. Keeping the client-centric approach to business, “simply put, we are able to offer Walmart pricing with Nordstrom service. Typically, you have to pick one or the other. It sounds too good to be true, but we figured out a way to give you both” – Julian Hamood, President of Trusted Tech Team. 

To see if you qualify for TTT’s Platinum 365 Pricing and Platinum Support, contact Trusted Tech Team and connect with a Microsoft Licensing Engineer.