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The Hot Pursuit of ISO 27001: Who Needs It, the Big Update and the Perfect Partner

Recognized the world over, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 is one of the leading frameworks in security and compliance. Despite its renown, many organizations struggle to choose which framework they want to implement — and whether they’re even the target market for ISO.

A new version of the ISO framework, released in 2022, has many companies scrambling to transition before the deadline. Here’s the good news:

Even though the process can be complex, ISO 27001 certification pairs perfectly with SOC 2 attestation. The result? Lower cost, reduced risk and a competitive edge over companies that are not ISO-certified.

Watch this video (courtesy of Thoropass) to learn:

  • An overview of ISO 27001 and how it varies from other frameworks
  • Which types of organizations should consider certification
  • About the new release, what’s changed and how companies are dealing with the transition
  • How SOC 2 is easier to achieve with ISO 27001 and shows customers and investors that your data is secure