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Is AI Wreaking Havoc on InfoSec? (Maybe, Maybe Not)

It’s no secret that AI and ML are developing at lightning speed, and businesses are getting more crafty with how they’re using it to build products and boost productivity—this may even be you (wink, wink). But is it a love/hate relationship between AI and data security, or can we co-exist harmoniously?

Not managing your use of AI properly or allowing holes where malicious attackers can penetrate your infrastructure can lead to major financial losses, litigation and distrust. Afterall, it’s an industry racing against academia; people are rushing to compete; and it has little policy surrounding it.

On the flip side, AI can be a happy partner in protecting your precious data—if done correctly. With reinforcement learning, new advanced modeling, and other techniques, companies can create better barriers. They can also use one or more of the many AI-driven security tools that are popping up everywhere.

During this panel discussion hosted by Thoropass, you’ll get to hear the perspectives of both cybersecurity veterans and AI aficionados who have seen AI’s wild success in their startups, as well as pitfalls or dangers it can bring. Hear them talk about:

  • The state of AI and ML, including trends and some of the latest advancements
  • How startups or organization with small teams can enable AI correctly
  • Their experience with successes and dangers
  • Biggest threats to avoid
  • How to defend your data against cybercriminals
  • Ways to leverage AI to protect your business
  • Thoughts on future cybersecurity trends, policy making and more