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Supercharge The Way You Use Gmail With This Clever App

Mixmax is the Gmail add-on suite your workflow needs to surpass your goals


Like it or not, we pretty much all stay in a state of constant contact with our email. You can be even more productive with Gmail using Mixmax, a sales acceleration app made for Gmail and collaborative teams.

Mixmax is popularly used by customer facing teams like sales, customer success, and recruiting, but really anyone that lives in Gmail can benefit. Mixmax is chock full of features that help you stay more organized and on top of any follow-up — without a lot of the general administrative annoyances you’d have to typically deal with. Email tracking lets you know exactly who opened your email and when — so you can reply in a timely fashion, without worrying that you’re being a nag.

The tool also features one-click meeting scheduling, that gives the people you’re emailing (and you) total transparency regarding availability — so instead of spending so much time hunting for a date, you can easily locate it on the calendar. You can also leverage templates for a professional look every time, schedule emails to send later and even measure performance.

Mixmax is a great application for sales teams, letting your team schedule their own drip campaigns with automated triggers — all while giving you insight into how many emails your reps send compared to their efficacy (i.e., the open, read and reply rates) and how many hours your reps spend in meetings. That also gives budding leaders an opportunity to understand how long each rep spends on a particular deal and calculate an accurate cost of opportunity.

You can even add surveys or polls to your emails so you can get a fast response from a large group of people right in the body of your email. Learn more about Mixmax by visiting their website — and request a free demo today.


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