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RingCentral Meetings™ keeps your team connected for free

Hold meetings, chat with your team, and more absolutely free.

If you like to think of your business as a lean, mean, well-oiled machine, few things jam its gears quite like poor communication. While the tech revolution has empowered us to communicate via email and text with lightning speed, these tools can easily become major time drains when they turn into lengthy email chains and confusing messages. That’s why hosting face-to-face meetings still has a place even in today’s digital workspace.

Of course, chatting face-to-face can be tricky when your team is spread across the globe, but that’s what RingCentral Meetings is looking to fix. Empowering users to host meetings, chat, share screens, and more with their teams, RingCentral Meetings is the metaphorical can of WD-40 that keeps the gears turning smoothly in your operation, and you can tap into a host of its features for free.

With RingCentral Meetings, you can host HD video meetings with up to 100 participants on any device, any time. Also included is advanced team messaging, helping you avoid email overload and setting you up with tools for task management, screen sharing, and video conferencing. Plus, RingCentral Meetings integrates with popular storage tools, enabling access to content stored in Google Drive™, Box, and Dropbox™ during your meetings.

RingCentral Meetings offers a number of different plans and pricing options, but you can sign up for free here.


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