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This Platform Helps Businesses Centrally Manage Apple Devices – Try it Free

These days, device management isn’t as straightforward for business owners as it used to be. Gone are the days where employees would clock in, march to their desktop computer, complete their projects, and call it a day — thanks to the explosion of technology, the way we work has transformed too. It’s common that an employee might use upwards of three devices during a standard workday, including their computer, a laptop, as well as their smartphone. That can be a logistical nightmare (and expensive overhead) for business owners. Jamf Now is a platform that changes that, streamlining device management in an intuitive, affordable way.

Jamf Now is an Apple-forward, cloud-based platform that makes it possible for both small business owners just getting started and thriving entrepreneurs to ensure employee devices are being used right away. From onboarding and maintenance to upholding security best practices for device health, Jamf Now makes it possible for core teams to remotely manage employee updates, setup and configure devices, and even require certain security protocols from one central hub.

That’s possible with the platform’s ability to get granular without being exceedingly complex to use: you can create different Blueprints for different groups of devices, so that specific teams get the apps, settings, and restrictions that they need. It also gives you the ability to see device details, like how much free disk space an employee or team has, and centrally deploy apps and OS updates.

Jamf Now even makes the usually complicated issue of security a breeze: you can protect sensitive information about your company, clients, and employees with robust drive encryption and passcode requirements. If an employee happens to lose their device, you have the ability to remotely lock or wipe it, so that data stays secure. Plus, you can track inventory — an incredibly helpful feature if you work with a sales and marketing team on the move.

At the end of the day, every business wants to reduce overhead, while ensuring employees have the right tools and processes to contribute to the overall success of the company. Jamf Now gives companies the ability to manage and protect devices without needing to hire a specialist — and helps encourage longevity of use by helping teams take care of those iOS devices the right way.

Jamf Now is offering a deal where management of your first three devices is freesign up here and see if the service is right for you. Official pricing starts at just $2/per device/per month — learn more here.


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