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Introducing the world’s first space technology and human longevity focused rolling fund via AngelList

The emerging space economy has the power to profoundly impact humanity and generate astronomical returns for investors, but tapping that power requires a bold vision. A bold vision that demands the creation of cutting edge space technology and an increase to the human lifespan. SP8CEVC is building our tomorrow today by investing in founders innovating in space technology and human longevity. 

Franz Almeida, SP8CEVC Managing Partner, is joined by colleagues, Steven Brody, Senior Space Technology Technical Advisor, Junaid Milan, Managing Partner, and Aubrey de Grey, SENS Foundation Chief Science Officer, in a fireside chat to cover the verticals of space technology and human longevity.

Learn why the space economy is where it is today, how the private sector has inspired innovation, and what to expect in the near and long term for the space sector.