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Achieve sustainable IT with Prometheus, Grafana, and Hardware Sentry

Implementing sustainability initiatives to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in the data center is a vital challenge. Join Bertrand Martin, Sentry Software’s co-founder and CEO, as he presents Hardware Sentry Exporter for Prometheus. Measure the power consumption and temperature of more than 250 platforms with this unique pure-software solution. Report CO₂ emissions, electricity usage, and costs of applications and services in Grafana. Reduce the carbon footprint of your datacenter with intelligent optimization of ambient temperature.


Bertrand Martin — Co-founder and CEO, Sentry Software

Bertrand Martin is the co-founder and CEO of Sentry Software, a leading player in IT observability. Bertrand founded the company in 2004 introducing the innovative design of a hardware monitoring module that laid the foundation of Sentry Software. He architected a successful business model with BMC Software that made the company a major player in its domain, reaching hundreds of the largest organizations worldwide. Bertrand is a visionary business driver with recognized entrepreneurial instincts. His deep technical knowledge makes him ideally suited to initiate and actively participate in the development of all the company’s innovative solutions. In the last year, Bertrand’s technical breakthroughs allowed Sentry Software to design a pure-software solution to help organizations assess the electricity consumption of any IT equipment and help them minimize their carbon footprint. A dynamic and sought-after public speaker, known for captivating his audience, Bertrand participates in IT conventions, conferences, and business events to develop and promote the company’s innovative solutions for sustainable IT.