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Real-world resiliency: Surviving datacenter disaster

When a cloud provider’s datacenter fire took down 3.6M websites, one service kept running without a hitch. Discover the secrets to survival from popular European travel site Kiwi.com.

Kiwi.com’s VP of engineering shares how they architected their service for extreme resiliency, how their strategy held up, and what lessons they learned.

Watch to learn about Kiwi.com’s preparedness strategy and get best practices for your own resiliency planning.


Stanislav Komanec | VP of Engineering — Platform at Kiwi.com

Stanislav’s team delivers a robust, scalable and easy-to-use developer platform that helps engineering bring better software faster to production by providing software, infrastructure, data best practices, and tools. He joined Kiwi.com, the popular European travel booking service in 2015 during a time that the company was experiencing explosive growth, leading the team that developed their highly available API for their booking system used widely internally and externally.


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