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Connect, collaborate, create: 5G & tech in the office of the future

The pandemic forced organizations to accelerate digital transformation by a decade in a matter of months. While the initial ramp-up of remote work was filled with uncertainty, the workforce has welcomed hybrid work with open arms — and they’re not turning back. 

So what does hybrid work mean for the offices of today and tomorrow? Businesses need flexible, reliable technologies that empower their employees from any location, whether on WiFi or via a cellular network — making 5G more important now than ever. As workers transition fluidly between locations throughout the week or even the day, they require access to low-latency, high-speed networks hosted on powerful technologies that make getting work done from anywhere quick and easy. From a local coffee shop in the morning to a corporate office for meetings in the afternoon, employees need seamless connectivity between devices to bring their productivity with them wherever they go. 

In this session, Samsung’s Dana Dundrea, Senior Marketing Manager for the Display Division, speaks with Mark Quiroz, Vice President of Marketing for the Display Division and Alok Shah, Vice President of Strategy for the Networks Division, on how office technologies and 5G can work together to enable the office of the future, and what businesses can do today to:

  • Equip their workplaces with the latest technology
  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Build near- and long-term digital strategies


Alok Shah — Vice President, Networks Strategy, BD, & Marketing

Samsung Electronics America

Alok Shah is Vice President of Networks for Samsung Electronics America where he steers strategy, marketing and new business development for the North American Networks division. Previously, Alok led technical marketing, including consumer messaging, market requirements, and regulatory impact, for Samsung’s Mobile division. He has nearly 20 years of strategy, technical marketing, product management and engineering experience in the wireless industry.

Mark Quiroz — Vice President of Product Marketing for the Display Division

Samsung Electronics America

Mark Quiroz is Vice President of Product Marketing for the Display Division at Samsung Electronics America. In his role, he leads product marketing, end-user and channel marketing for the Display division across verticals. As a hands-on executive in the fast-moving technology sector, Mark has a growth mindset and believes disruption in the market is inevitable — you are either the disruptor or the disrupted. Technology is at the center of disruption and Mark is an expert at employing key market trends and customer insights to help businesses maximize impact on revenue and market share growth.

Moderator: Dana Dundrea — Senior Marketing Manager for the Display Division

Samsung Electronics America

Dana Dundrea is a senior marketing manager responsible for leading campaign, strategic content and social strategy for Samsung’s B2B Display Division. She has vast experience in driving sales through e-commerce and retail outlets.