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Sequoia-Backed JustCall by SaaS Labs Brings AI-Driven Training, Coaching & Sentiment Analysis to Improve Win Rates by 44%

Reports from Statista reveal 40% of customers stop doing business with brands with bad customer support, and U.S. companies lose an estimated $75B in revenue from poor customer service.

Surprisingly, only 1-2% of customer interactions are analyzed, meaning companies are failing to capture 98% of agent-customer interactions that could be used to create meaningful touchpoints and valuable customer connections.

That’s too risky of a gamble for today’s businesses.

In the era where customer satisfaction and loyalty reign supreme, the importance of having the right conversations with customers can’t be understated, but training agents properly can take months, and high turnover is commonplace.

To help businesses regain control, Sequoia-backed SaaS Labs launches JustCall iQ.

Using AI-powered conversational intelligence to supercharge agents, the platform empowers teams with real-time coaching and sentiment analysis to achieve peak performance.

Customers have already reported remarkable results, with a 44% increase in closed-won rates, a 25% reduction in average handle time, and a staggering 32% improvement in customer satisfaction.

“When it comes to improving the way your teams interact with customers, real-time conversational intelligence is a game changer,” said Gaurav Sharma, CEO of JustCall by SaaS Labs. “Our AI technology can help teams immediately improve their performance and engagement, giving them critical training at the exact moment conversations are happening.”

JustCall iQ’s technology is integrated with over 100 CRM and Helpdesks like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Intercom, Salesforce, and more, making it easy to connect with existing workflows.

Using JustCall iQ is an easy turnkey process. Within minutes of setting up JustCall iQ, teams get access to:

  • AI Scoring: managers can ensure agents are always on top of their game with personalized feedback and guidance through an AI-powered scoring system, providing unbiased insights that help identify high-performers, effective messaging, and key areas for improvement.
  • Agent Assist: Reps are empowered to deliver outstanding customer experiences with real-time guidance and support through the Agent Assist feature. It equips them with alerts on customer sentiment, key moments, patterns, and more, enabling them to guide calls correctly and with confidence.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Every customer’s needs and emotions are kept in focus throughout every interaction with the sentiment analysis feature, which automatically tracks and detects moments when customers lose interest, allowing admins to take immediate action and provide better quality assurance and training.
  • Mentorship and Guidance: Drive retention across your teams, improve agents skills quickly and make them more efficient regarding customer interactions. Agents receive real-time guidance on how to respond in different situations. Managers and supervisors can use these insights to provide feedback and coaching tailored specifically to the agent’s needs.
  • Post-Call Reports: Say goodbye to guesswork involved in manually analyzing calls, and seize the opportunity to provide valuable insights to improve the team’s performance. Post-Call Reports offer an overview of how the customer interaction went, key learnings, and actionable next steps.

JustCall has already amassed 6,000+ customers, including Walmart, Google Fiber, McGraw Hill, APOLLO Insurance, and Alibaba Group, with service spanning 40+ countries. The new offering brings cost-effective enterprise-grade software for small and mid-sized firms working in a variety of legacy industries including healthcare, insurance, real estate, education, and more.

“In a competitive industry, how quickly you respond to an inquiry can make the difference between moving to the next step in the sales cycle or losing the lead altogether,” said Klaus Salchner, APOLLO Insurance CTO. “When we implemented JustCall iQ, our appointment booking increased by 67% and saved our sales team valuable time.”

Learn more about JustCall iQ and how AI-powered conversation intelligence can help teams thrive in a customer-centric world here.