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Data warehouse: the foundation of the modern data stack

The modern data stack is changing rapidly, with new technology emerging everyday. Increasingly, though, architectures are being built around the data warehouse. In this panel discussion, experts discuss why this new architecture has emerged, what specific technologies are driving the trend and what the data stack of the future looks like.


Ben Gotfredson | Global Startup Program Manager, Snowflake

Partners with top venture capital firms and startups to accelerate growth through Snowflake products, resources, and expertise.

Adam Gross | Ex-CEO, Heroku

Adam was the co-founder of Personify and Cloudconnect, as well as the former CEO of Heroku.

Soumyadeb Mitra | Founder & CEO, RudderStack

Founder of RudderStack, building a warehouse-first CDP that enables companies to create value with data, no matter the source or destination in their stack.

Jamila Satani | Director, Marketing Analytics, Tonal

Creative analytics leader with 10+ years of experience delivering actionable insights through data analysis and a visual storytelling approach.