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Let this robot vacuum ease a bit of your holiday stress

Often times, the holiday season can be as stressful as it is joyful, or even more so. What with finding gifts for your loved ones, planning holiday dinner menus, and prepping your house for guests, the amount of things on your to-do list can really add up. Roborock wants to help…but only with the prepping your house part, and more specifically with your floors.

Let your Roborock do all the work

The Roborock S4 and Roborock S6 are robotic vacuums that combine intelligent features, deep cleaning abilities, and convenience in one beautifully designed package. The vacuums can handle a variety of floor types and cleaning scenarios (including mopping). They possess advanced laser navigation, and have a host of other time saving features that will help you move through the holidays with ease. 

Laser Navigation

Both S4 and S6 utilize Roborock’s high precision laser navigation system to map each room of your home in realtime. They do this by completing 300 360-degree scans per minute, generating a map that’s accurate to +/- 2 cms. The map generated by the vacuum is viewable on your mobile device via the Roborock app, and from there you can do things like identify and specify which room you’d like to clean, create “no-go” zones (or areas that the vacuum shouldn’t go), and direct the vacuum to specific areas for spot cleaning.

In addition to the advanced laser navigation, these vacuums use a variety of other types of sensors that work together to achieve improved fall avoidance (think tumbling down the stairs), carpet boost (increased suction when cleaning carpet), height sensitivity, escape route calculation and more. 

Time saving features

Spend less time cleaning your floors and more time with your family and friends by letting your Roborock take charge. 

  • Schedule cleanings for specific rooms or for the entire home.
  • Rely on Roborock’s Adaptive Route Algorithm to calculate the best path for cleaning and watch your vacuum efficiently glide across the room in a z-shaped cleaning pattern.
  • Create “no-go” zones to identify areas the vacuum should avoid.
  • Avoid low batteries with the automatic recharge features that charges your vacuum after every cleaning. 

Which vacuum is right for me?

Roborock S4

The Roborock S4 was specifically designed to travel between surfaces, free itself from tight corners, and provide 3 hours of powerful suction on hard floors and carpet. Its laser navigation and 12 sensor types allow it to move around your home with ease, enabling many time saving features you can employ with the Roborock app. The S4 automatically recharges when low on battery, and automatically picks up where it left off once the battery reaches 80%.

Save $100 on the Roborock S4 starting today through Cyber Monday.

Roborock S6

The Roborock S6 combines all of the features of the S4 plus 2 additional sensor types and the ability to mop. It is also up to 50% quieter than the Roborock S5, for example.

Mopping with the S6 is effortless. Once you’ve attached the mopping unit and added water to the water tank, you can adjust the water flow best suited for your floor. The S6’s mopping function makes it Roborock’s best all around floor cleaning solution.

Save $200 on the Roborock S6 on Cyber Monday.

No matter which model you choose, your Roborock will help you keep your home sparkly clean this holiday season.